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High-voltage, high-speed power amplifiers for piezoelectric drivers
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2009.11.24  22:17:19
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Cirrus Logic (www.cirruslogic.com ) has delivered new levels of performance for the piezoelectric driver market with the addition of the PA107DP and MP103FC high-voltage, high-speed power amplifiers to its Apex Precision Power® product family.


The PA107DP is capable of slew rates up to 3000 V/?s, which raises the bar for single-package hybrids. The MP103FCFC is a new dual-channel designed hybrid that can deliver a very high 15 A X 2 of output current. Both devices are operational with voltage supplies of up to 200 V.


The PA107DP is an attractive option for driving piezos used in medical imaging and ultrasound applications, as well as programmable power supplies for the ATE market, because the high slew rate increases voltage response time. The end result is greater accuracy and rapid delivery of voltage throughout the end system, enabling imaging scans that take less time to complete and power supplies that cycle with greater efficiency, for example.


Customers needing higher speed will select the PA107DP because it extends the available slew rate performance within the Apex Precision Power product family by 3X that of the PA85, which features a 1000 V slew rate. The PA107DP also improves output current performance with 1.5 A/5 A PEAK, and a high-gain bandwidth of 180 MHz. The device is housed in a 12-pin Power SIP package that requires less than two square inches of board space.


The MP103FC is a dual-channel device that allows designers to save significant board space in multichannel systems. The device features up to 15 A of output current per channel, operating voltages ranging from 30 V up to 200 V and a slew rate of 180 V per microsecond. The targeted application for the MP103FC is driving piezo print heads in large format industrial ink jet printers typically used to produce wide format banners and billboards.


The MP103FC uses the industrial temperature range “open frame” packaging form factor developed for a number of Apex Precision Power products to offer a lower per unit cost, in comparison with a hermetically sealed hybrid, while still providing very high levels of performance.


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