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AudioMagic analog SoC for wireless streaming audio applications
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Avnera`s (www.avnera.com) AudioMagic ASoCs target wireless streaming audio applications including wireless headphones, wireless speakers and other whole-home audio streaming products. AudioMagic 1G ASoCs target point to multi-point wireless audio streaming applications, while AudioMagic 2G ASoCs are refined for multi-point to multi-point wireless audio streaming solutions.

AudioMagic 2G Products
Avnera’s second generation of AudioMagic ASoCs (AudioMagic 2G) are the first in the world to offer a multi-point to multi-point wireless whole-home audio solution leveraging the AvneraAudio M2M technology breakthroughs. AudioMagic 2G is the world’s first family of Analog System-on-a-Chip (ASoC) solutions to enable consumer electronics manufacturers to support multiple simultaneous streams of uncompressed HD-quality audio in any wireless send/receive combination.


The AudioMagic 2G family of products provides consumer electronics manufacturers with a cost-effective, highly flexible platform from which an entire roadmap of interoperable high-fidelity wireless audio devices can be created. AudioMagic 2G is the family of ASoCs behind all electronics bearing the Rocketboost™ wireless brand: products that allow consumers to easily install a high fidelity wireless audio network through their whole home.


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Wireless Whole-Home Audio

AudioMagic 2G is the first wireless audio solution to support up to five simultaneous audio streams that can be received and played on up to nine independent receivers, and allow the listener to switch between them at the touch of a button.


Support for Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound- AudioM agic 2G supports ultra-low fixed latency and inter-node synchronization, ensuring that the audio played from each individual speaker is always precisely synchronized with the other speakers and video playback.


Works Harmoniously with Devices Operating in the 2.4GHz Band

Avnera recognizes that most modern homes employ many technologies that operate in the 2.4 GHz band, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, cordless phones and microwave ovens. AudioMagic 2G products are specifically designed to operate harmoniously with all other devices in the 2.4 GHz band and co-location of these technologies shows no practical impact to the performance or quality of any of these systems.


AudioMagic 1G Products
Avnera’s first generation of AudioMagic ASoCs (AudioMagic 1G) targets point to multi-point wireless audio streaming applications. AudioMagic 1G ASoCs use AvneraAudio P2M technology which includes several key innovations required to deliver “Wired Quality” wireless audio that is both affordable and easy to use.


Sound quality ? Traditional wireless audio technologies are known for having poor sound quality because their RF systems were designed to transmit data, not real-time audio. If a packet is dropped in a data transmission system it’s just resent by the transmitter, which is fine for data applications but can create interruptions as well as noise, clicks, and pops in music. To address this problem Avnera created a real-time streaming transmission technology designed specifically for music. AvneraAudio P2M technology incorporates six sound quality innovations that reconstruct corrupted packets when they arrive rather than just re-sending them, improving signal reception and eliminating interference problems.


Reduced cost ? AvneraAudio based ASoCs provide CD-quality audio performance at a 30 percent lower system cost than competitors. The costs are lower because Avnera has integrated all of the different chips normally used in a wireless audio device on to a single chip. This integration drives down the cost of the entire system, ensures audio quality, and accelerates time to market. For instance, a typical wireless stereo headset requires eight chips and 131 separate parts. An AvneraAudio based solution requires just two chips and 65 parts.


Ease of use ? Many wireless systems are difficult to use because they require you to download software, install drivers, etc. Avnera’s AudioMagic 1G products are plug-and-play. You plug them in and they work ? no software installation, no profiles. Many wireless systems are little better than wired systems because of their short range. Avnera-enabled products have 50% more range at the same output power as other wireless products and are not affected by other wireless devices.

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