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Dialight sells a new series of microLED® SMD LEDs. Its new 598 Series is comprised of 10 different package styles incorporating the most popular
color combinations. Single color, bi-color, tri-color and right angle package styles are all available. Common wavelengths are available in various package styles to maintain color consistency.


All 598 Series LEDs are RoHS compliant and many colors offered conform to the ANSI / VITA 40 standard regarding status indication. The 598 Series is added to Dialight`s impressive line of SMD products that include its 597 Series of microLED® SMD LEDs, 515 Series Optopipes®, and our industry standard PRISM® Series of 2mm and 3mm right-angle SMD LEDs available in single, bi-level and tri-level configurations.

Dialight`s new 598 Series is available through our extensive line of sales representatives and distributors world-wide.

For details, click www.dialight.com/Assets/Brochures_And_Catalogs/Indication/598_SelectorGuide.pdf

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