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The A6260 from Allegro Microsystems (www.allegromicro.com) is a linear, programmable current regulator providing up to 350 mA for driving high-brightness LEDs.


The LED current, accurate to 4%, is set by a single low-power sense resistor. Driving LEDs with constant current ensures safe operation with maximum possible light output. For automotive applications, optimum performance is achieved when driving between 1 and 3 LEDs at currents up to 350 mA.


The low dropout voltage of the A6260 allows a single white LED to be driven safely, at full current, with a supply voltage down to 6 V.

An enable input allows PWM dimming and can be used to enable low-current sleep mode. The rate of change of current during PWM switching is limited to reduce EMI.


Overcurrent detection is provided to protect the LEDs and the A6260 during short-to-supply or short-to-ground at any LED terminal.

The integrated temperature monitor can be used to reduce the LED drive current if the chip temperature exceeds the thermal limit.


The device is available in an 8-pin SOIC package with exposed thermal pad (suffix LJ). The device is lead (Pb) free with 100% matte-tin leadframe plating.


Allegro Microsystems_8-pin SOIC block diagram.gif   

Features include

? Automotive grade
? LED drive current up to 350 mA
? 6 to 40 V supply
? Reverse battery protection
? Low drop-out voltage
? LED short circuit and thermal protection
? 10 ?A maximum shutdown current
? PWM dimming control input 
? Current slew rate limiting 

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