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Rambus` (www.rambus.com) Advanced Lighting Solutions Harness the Advantages of LEDs for Affordable and Energy-Efficient General Lighting
Light emitting diodes (LED) hold great promise for the general lighting market. LED-based lights have long operational lifespans and are energy efficient. LEDs are far superior to incandescent lights and have a luminous efficiency which rivals that of fluorescent lights. Unlike fluorescents, LED-based lights contain no mercury and have no special disposal requirements making them an eco-friendly solution as well.

In spite of their many advantages, the high cost of LED-based lights has translated into only small inroads in the general lighting market. Rambus` Advanced lighting solutions address this issue by using its patented innovations to dramatically reduce the bill-of-materials cost of LED-based lighting. These solutions make possible affordable LED lighting products for broad adoption across the general lighting market.


Rambus` lighting solutions enable manufacturers to use fewer or lower-cost LEDs in their general lighting products while delivering superior light quality and output. Using Rambus` edge-lit optical design technology, LED lighting products can be made in ultra-slim form factors and implemented in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. This gives architects the ability to use general lighting in artistic and innovative ways.


With Rambus` lighting solutions, manufacturers can harness all the benefits of LEDs and the flexibility of edge-lit designs for affordable general lighting products.

Key Innovations
Rambus` advanced lighting solutions build on its patented innovations including

- LED edge-lit optical design,
- MicroLens™ light distribution features, and
- High-volume, low-cost light guide panel (LGP) and multi-function film manufacturing technologies.

These same innovations enable Rambus` solutions for LED edge-lit backlights in LCD displays and input devices for computing and consumer electronics products.


Rambus_edge lit lighting unit.jpg


LED Edge-lit Optical Design
Edge lighting employs LEDs in a highly efficient manner that enables ultra-thin form factors and great flexibility in the size and shape of lighting products. Thanks to Rambus` patented innovations and optical design know-how, LED edge-lit lighting fixtures can be illuminated with superior brightness and control while reducing the total number of LEDs. Further, the ability to place all of the LEDs along as few as one side of the light fixture greatly simplifies thermal management and provides greater flexibility in lighting system implementations.

MicroLens™ Light Distribution Features
MicroLens light distribution features can be varied by size, shape, density and location to accommodate custom light input and output requirements. Through the use of proprietary optical modeling software and design techniques, the MicroLens features and their pattern in the LGP or film can be customized to efficiently spread the light across the entire lighting surface or focus it in specific locations depending on the application and illumination requirements.


MicroLens features enable precise control of uniformity, exit angle and spread of the light, and can be implemented through a highly repeatable patterning process, enabling high-volume, custom-designed LGPs and films. In addition, MicroLens light distribution features take advantage of highly-efficient specular reflection, versus the diffuse reflection of competing technologies to provide optimum light delivery for edge-lit LED-based lighting fixture.

High-Volume, Low-Cost LGP and Multi-Function Film Manufacturing Process
Rambus` innovative manufacturing process combines high-volume manufacturing techniques, such as plastic pellet-to-sheet or plastic pellet-to-film fabrication, with precision machining and mastering of pattern replication to produce low-cost, high-efficiency LGPs and films. The process provides the ability to go from raw plastic pellets to finished product in a single manufacturing flow.


This simplifies the manufacturing supply chain and reduces overall cost. The use of precision patterning delivers high yields and excellent repeatability. In addition, it is eco-friendly because it produces less waste than manufacturing processes that cut panels from injection molded sheets of plastic.


The Total Lighting Solution
Rambus` advanced lighting solutions are available for licensing. In support of its licensees, Rambus offers a broad range of consulting services to aid in the design, implementation and manufacturing of lighting products using its patented innovations and technology. These services include the development of product reference designs, rapid product prototyping, and manufacturing-line design and bring-up.

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