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SiFi (See it and Forget it) automatic color and brightness balancing
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- Planar -

The Clarity™ LED Series is a complete line of high resolution LED-illuminated rear-projection video wall displays that deliver optimized color performance, exact image control, long life and minimal maintenance. With no consumable parts and a 60,000 hour life, the Clarity LED Series illumination system eliminates the ongoing costs and interruptions associated with lamp changes.


Through Planar’s Clarity NaturalColor™ Optimizations, the Clarity LED Series offers preset applicationspecific color spaces that provide customers the best visual performance possible for their particular application.

Available in a range of sizes and resolutions, the Clarity LED Series employs solid-state LED technology and proprietary Set it and Forget it™ (SiFi) automatic color and brightness balancing in order to minimize required maintenance over the life of the video wall. Designed, built and tested as a complete system, the Clarity LED Series displays are ideal for mission-critical operations that need to get the most out of their shared visual information.

The Clarity LED Series features benefits made possible only by using the latest in LED and DLP® technology. LED illumination provides inherent advantages over traditional UHP lamp systems, making it particularly appealing for 24/7 control room video wall applications and those looking for the best visual experience.

The Clarity LED Series illumination system is maintenance free, incorporating no consumable parts such as lamps or color wheels and has a rated life of 60,000 hours. This provides both the 24/7 reliability and reduced cost-of-ownership that benefits any video wall application. With Planar’s solid state LED illumination, customers eliminate the need for automatic lamp changer systems, resulting in a simpler overall system with fewer
moving parts.

The Clarity LED Series supports a much broader color gamut and delivers color saturation levels never before seen on high resolution video walls. LED-generated colors are more stable over time and by intelligently controlling them, the LED illumination system eliminates color break-up that is sometimes experienced with lamp and color wheel-based systems.

Reduced Cost of Ownership with LED The Clarity LED Series requires no warm-up period so full brightness is achieved immediately upon powering up the display. For environments where the video wall is turned on and off, no waiting time is required.

LED illumination is better for the environment. The Clarity LED illumination system contains no mercury, no lead and has no consumable parts to throw away.

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