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A journey for next generation lighting solutions
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2010.06.25  15:42:01
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Better Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) and a new wave of LED lighting!

- NXP technology helps to save 500 million kg CO2 per year -


Electricity used for lighting homes, shops, offices, signs, public spaces, and streetlights ? accounts for roughly 20 percent of all electricity consumption worldwide. With a number that high, it’s no surprise that consumers, companies, and governments around the globe are looking for energy-efficient alternatives to traditional lighting.

NXP calculates that switching to more efficient technologies, such as CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lighting) would enable up to an 80 percent saving in electricity costs from lighting.


Till September 2009, NXP had sold 300 million fluorescent lighting driver ICs. Fluorescent lamps are highly energy-efficient lighting solutions that save 80% energy compared with traditional incandescent light bulbs. Thanks to these fluorescent lamps, NXP has helped save 500 million kg CO2 per year compared to Incandescent lighting solutions.


NXP was one of the first semiconductor companies to recognize the importance of energy-efficient lighting, and have made lighting a focus for more than 15 years. NXP is committed to supporting energy-saving trends in the lighting industry, for example, daylight harvesting, in which lighting levels are adjusted according to the amount of natural daylight available. NXP supplies the dimmable drivers for a range of technologies used in everyday lighting for shops and offices, such as HF TL (High Frequency Tube Lamp), CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp ? also called "Energy Saving Lamps”), HID (High Intensity Discharge Lighting) and Solid State Lighting (SSL ? also called LED lighting).


A breakthrough in quality, performance and features for Compact Fluorescent Lamps
These energy efficient CFL lamps have become a familiar replacement for incandescent lights and promise to continue growing in popularity. However, among the 4 billion CFL lamps sold annually, only a minority fraction fulfill the consumer’s expectation in terms of quality, functionality and performance raising concerns by both government and industry leaders. Initiatives are triggered in all continents to set new and more stringent standards: The European Union released earlier this year a new set of requirement while the US already published the “SuperCFL” specification. Both continents calls for higher qualification standard, better light, longer lifetime, smaller form factor, faster ignition and new feature namely “dimming”.


NXP IC portfolio is specifically tailored to match or even exceed the most demanding requirement and therefore to enable this new generation to massively upgrade the CFL market: now the CFL lamps can behave like incandescent bulbs while consuming 4 to 5 times less energy! CFL lamps using NXP IC solutions allow for lamp lifetime performance exceeding 10,000 hr and even 15,000 hours. Dimming CFL lamps down to 10% is also proven based on NXP IC solutions. IC solutions replacing traditional discrete implementation also bring a solid advantage in terms of total lamp quality and smaller size.

Setting the pace in the emerging LED retrofit lamp market
NXP is also supplying a broad portfolio of driver IC’s for a new lighting technology called Solid State Lighting, which is based on the use of LEDs for general lighting purposes. Solid State Lighting shows great promise for reliability, design flexibility, and longevity. It delivers bright colors at a high intensity, while consuming less overall power.


Potential uses include, amongst other, outdoor applications, where it can provide efficient, dimmable lighting along city streets and highways. During quieter periods, using the dimmable drivers supplied by NXP, LED lights can control light intensity. This saves energy and reduces light pollution while maintaining safe driving conditions. Solid State Lighting is also penetrating residential lighting applications, where the demand for dimmability is increasing. In this area too, NXP can offer dimmable driver solutions.


“At NXP we believe that taking responsibility for our impact on the world around us is fundamental to success. Environmental conscious design principles are reflected across the NXP`s leadership domains, involving home electronics, automotive and multi-market semiconductors. After our recent achievement in lowering PC power wastage with our GreenChip™ PC solution, which attained the 80plus GOLD level, I am proud that NXP technology has been able to play such an important role in driving energy saving in the lighting application area,” once commented Rene Penning de Vries, chief technology officer, NXP.


NXP Semiconductors: the semiconductor partner to the lighting industry
NXP is a known leader in power conversion products with millions of devices shipped for computing power supplies and domestic appliances. NXP is also the number 1 supplier for conventional lighting IC drivers for systems such HFTL, CFL and HID.

Here are some latest examples specially recommended to China market which is the known manufacturing base of the majority of CFL lamps and expected to play an equivalent role in the LED lighting domain.


For details, click http://www.nxp.com/campaigns/experience_lighting/?714&ecmp=ift_experience_lighting

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