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Canal Digital deploys Wistron NeWeb 's Entropic-based single-wire cable solution
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2013.09.19  13:39:17
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Netherlands - Entropic (www.entropic.com) and Wistron NeWeb (www.wnc.com.tw) announced Canal Digital is deploying WNC's 4x4 Low Noise Block (LNB) solution, powered by Entropic's latest Channel Stacking Switch (CSS)
chipset, the EN5288.

By using an Entropic-based single-wire cable solution, Canal Digital joins a number of Tier-1 service providers around the globe that are supporting multiple tuners off a single cable run; which means simpler satellite installations, reductions in subscriber acquisition costs (SAC) and lower subscriber churn.

"The world of consumer TV viewing is evolving as more entertainment is delivered to more devices within the home," said Terje Storhaug, CTO, Canal Digital. "In working with WNC and Entropic, we are able to leverage the unparalleled bandwidth of the satellite platforms and deliver content to multi-tuner gateways and multiple decoders in a simple way."

Entropic's industry-leading CSS solution is a highly integrated chipset that enables up to four individual transponders to be selected, filtered, and stacked while maintaining operator-class performance. This configuration allows Canal Digital to distribute HD content to multiple set-top boxes in the home simultaneously off a single cable run, providing
end-customers with the most robust, highest quality video connection in an aesthetically pleasing package.

"WNC and Entropic have a long history working together to meet Tier 1 operator hardware needs," said Jeffrey Gau, president and COO, WNC. "Our deployment at Canal Digital is an expansion of the Channel Stacking Switch products in the Nordic market and marks a win-win opportunity for service providers and consumers alike. As more content goes IP-based, service providers that offer single-wire cabling can save on truck rolls for upgrades and new deployments and consumers can gain more entertainment at each TV viewing location in the home."

"Canal Digital is on the cutting edge when it comes to single-wire cabling solutions," said Al Servati, vice president, Marketing, Entropic. "They are clearly thinking ahead, recognizing that with our CSS technology they can deliver more entertainment to multiple tuners off a single coaxial cable from the LNB to more set-top boxes and gateways in the home."

The EN5288 is Entropic's third-generation analog CSS silicon solution. It offers the lowest bill of material component count, smallest package size and is Entropic's most power-efficient analog CSS product to date. The EN5288 is a 2 input, 2 user channel output CSS solution for DBS television applications and works in an input frequency range of 950-2150 MHz

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