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E-System Design releases front-end planning EM simulator for high-performance 2.5D/3D IC and packaged systems
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2014.08.28  08:46:10
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                                                          ▲ Front-end planning EM simulator

USA - E-System Design (www.e-systemdesign.com) announced the release of its newest product, Sphinx 3D Path Finder “3DPF” today. “3DPF” is a unique front end planning and architectural EDA software tool that allows designers and system architects to quickly create complex structures and perform EM simulation analysis to determine the optimum system partitioning and architecture for their high performance, 2.5 and 3D ICs and IC packaged systems.

Based on research and subsequent patent exclusively licensed from Georgia Institute of Technology, Sphinx 3D Path Finder breaks down the traditional barriers for efficient front end planning and “what if” simulation analysis and provides unrivaled visibility, productivity and flexibility in developing new high performance, 2.5D and 3D Systems.

“Sphinx 3D Path Finder fulfills another component in our vision for an integrated Signal and Power Integrity platform," said Madhavan Swaminathan, CTO, founder of E-System Design and principal author of the book “Design and Modeling for 3D ICs and Interposers (World Scientific, 2013)”.

“2.5/3D structures continue to gain momentum and solve many issues related to performance, power, area and cost. New tools that provide objective analysis are required to aid designers in wisely choosing the best implementation that meets their needs.”

Sphinx 3DPF benefits include:

Ease of Use - 3DPF’s GUI allows designers to very quickly design systems using any type of vertical interconnects from state of the art TSV’s through to traditional bond wires, their corresponding planar structures, RDL layers, silicon and glass interposers, etc, which then can be simulated to determine electrical performance, signal to ground ratio, best signal assignments, etc.

Unrivaled Visibility – Traditional full wave and fast EM solvers are limited in the size and complexity of the structures they can simulate, 3DPF’s unique patented technology breaks down those traditional barriers while maintaining Full Wave EM solver accuracy with calibrated results from DC to high frequencies ensuring accuracy at any operational frequency range.

Lower Risk, Lower Development time, Lower Cost – The relative cost to implement changes grows larger the further along in the development stage you are. Providing objective analysis prior to design start allows the development team to negotiate best tradeoffs and develop a solid architecture that will significantly reduce the need for future changes, their impact on the development schedule and lower risk.

“The Sphinx product family continues to challenge how designers think and perform signal and power integrity analysis,” said Gene Jakubowski, CEO and co-founder of E-System Design. “Sphinx 3D Path Finder breaks down traditional barriers, significantly reducing creation and analysis times and unleashing the imagination to explore.”



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