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[IBC 2016] Merging and b<>com presenting complete solution to improve immersion through sound
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2016.09.08  05:36:32
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글 msn

Switzerland & France - Merging Technologies (www.merging.com) will exhibit the latest version of its digital audio workstation Pyramix, which incorporates audio spatialization plugins (High Order Ambisonics*) from b<>com (www.b-com), a French Institute of Research and Technology.

For over 25 years, the Swiss manufacturer Merging Technologies has been developing audio and video mastering, production, and post-production solutions for media and entertainment professionals.

A provider of digital audio workstations (DAWs) and the Audio-over-IP converters Horus and Hapi (RAVENNA/AES67), Merging approached b<>com, the leading player in the market offering a professional solution suitable for working with the High Order Ambisonics format.

In order to facilitate the adoption of ambisonic technology by professionals, the teams at b<>com developed a software suite that can be incorporated into post-production workstations. This suite will allow content creators to position sources in a sound environment and apply spatial processing to them (rotation, focusing, masking).

These audio plugins carry out most of the processing, from capture to output on speakers or headset (binaural)
Benefits of the Pyramix workstation:
• Mixers and plugins integrated with immersive 3D Panner up to 30.2 with monitoring
• Simple and accurate editing of sound and video clips
• Simultaneous rendering in different formats
• Usable locally and/or on a network

According to Maurice Engler, Project & Regional Manager at Merging Technologies: "This software suite fits perfectly into the tools we want to make available for producing immersive soundtracks. It was also developed in collaboration with French users of Pyramix , particularly regarding the 3D panner. Our studio customers appreciate having an easy way to work with this exciting new audio format on their professional tools."

Strengths of b<>com plug-ins:
• Audio source virtualization in High Order Ambisonics format
• Easy to use
• Binaural reference rendering for production and post-production of content in HOA format
• Virtual Studio Technology Interoperability

According to Jean-Yves Aubié, Manager of the Advanced Media Coding lab at b<>com: "The production of audio content in ambisonic format is a major challenge in the development of immersive content, particularly in virtual reality and 360 video. With this software suite, we offer an effective, professional-grade solution that can be fully integrated into most audio post-production workstations on the market."

* The High Order Ambisonics (HOA) audio format is said to be ‘scene-based’ because it describes the audio field as a whole (horizontal and vertical planes). The precision of the sound environment depends on the number of components used to describe it. Ambisonics provides flexibility in processing because it is "independent" of the playback system.

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