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Concept by US partners with Solar CenTex to serve solar energy storage market in central Texas
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2017.03.02  10:35:05
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USA - Concept by US (www.concept-us.com), a manufacturer of the POWERSTATION 247 product family has announced a new partnership with Solar Centex in Central Texas.

Solar Centex is the first solar professional in central Texas to partner with Concept by US and offer their customers a complete, turn-key, solar storage and most importantly, usage system. The harvested energy can not only be stored in the battery for back-up, but also be fed where needed in the home or business. Day and night, 24/7.

In the words of Sara Kissing, COO of Concept by US: “Offering the POWERSTATION 247 to customers of Solar Centex completes the loop of providing autonomous, 24/7 solar energy with built-in battery storage for their customers when the sun is shining, and at night. We are pleased to be working with these solar professionals in central Texas.”

Commenting on the new partnership, Howard “Scot” Arey, Owner of Solar CenTex said: “We received the POWERSTATION 247 at our warehouse yesterday and it has already surpassed our expectations. The external beauty of this system is surpassed by the amazing craftsmanship inside; I’ve never seen such careful wire management and attention to detail in any other system we’ve received. We started with Concept because it was the first to offer the peak inverting power that Texas homeowners need with the storage capacity that our high electric demand requires. I’m in Texas – I need power and storage capacity and this system provides just what we need.”

The POWERSTATION 247 product family (www.powerstation247.com), with new, reduced pricing is a complete, and fully integrated scalable solar energy storage system with built-in battery storage. The system comes in 10 kW, or 15 kW; all have the same battery storage capacity of 17.28 kWh.

Its free standing cabinet is easy to install and easy to use. The system integrates up to 3 hybrid inverters, solar MPP-trackers, charge controller and lithium-ion batteries, all necessary field wiring terminals and disconnect switches. It is completely “plug and play”, can be installed on and off grid and is UL certified.

The Lithium-iron 96 V battery
The Lithium-iron 96 V battery is efficient; Lithium batteries are known for longevity and are environmentally friendly. They also provide maximum safety in residential or commercial applications. During the manufacturing process these batteries have been subject to strict quality and safety tests in the factory.

Using solar energy, storing it or selling it to the utility

Energy generated by solar panels can be directly used, stored or fed into the public grid. Storing energy in the POWERSTATION 247 can eliminate most electricity costs. Electricity can be available anywhere - in the home, powering a small business, a vacation home, RV or even remote islands.

Power Anywhere: How it works
Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. This energy can be directly used and optimized to the customer’s consumption or stored or sold back to the utility.

After charging the battery bank, the system provides energy for the customer’s consumption, and if the solar panels have generated overcapacity, the electricity is fed into the public grid.

In the evening or in case of a power outage the POWERSTATION 247 automatically switches to battery energy.
During the night the battery maintains an individual set percentage of its energy for emergency power outages. If the battery capacity is insufficient and energy is needed, then electricity can be obtained from the grid.



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