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Fingerprint-verified biometric system solution
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FPC (www.finferprins.com) offers a patented fundamental biometric system solution based on fingerprint verification. It bases its biometrics on unique fingerprints. The risk of an erroneous fingerprint verification is generally 1 in 50,000, which can be compared with the chance of entering the correct four-digit PIN code which is 1 in 10,000.

FPC develops a biometric system solution consisting of hardware, an algorithm for reading images and verification, and software for communication and user-friendly functions.

High technology on a micro-scale

One part of FPC’s core technology is the ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) processor, an integrated circuit consisting of a silicon chip with the specific function of measuring fingerprints. On top of the silicon chip is an advanced, unique matrix of pixels that has excellent image capture capabilities with high contrast and resolution.

The sensor is capacitive, which means that it not only recognizes the surface of the finger but also reads three-dimensional images beneath. This impedes and prevents manipulation, for example by using a two-dimensional optical image of a fingerprint.

A sophisticated algorithm

Another part of FPC’s core technology is the algorithm system, which optimizes the image from the sensor and performs image processing in order to locate the unique information in every fingerprint. The algorithm system is refined further in order to compensate for ever-shrinking sensors, both for registering and verifying fingerprints.

The algorithm system is also further refined in order to reduce demands for processing power, which also results in extremely low power consumption, and for memory, as well as to minimize the time between placement of a finger and acceptance by the system.

The security provided by FPC’s verification function is considerable, since the degree of false acceptance or mistaken rejections are extremely low.

Software that increases user- friendliness …

To make fingerprint reading secure, FPC has added several software-directed functions that improve the end-user experience, which also allows smartphone manufacturers to differentiate themselves from the competition.

- One touch of your fingerprint, is enough to both wake up and unlock a device such as a smartphone
- Detection of live finger prevents registration of false fingerprints (Identifying “spoofs)
- The sensor can also be used to manage other functions, such as scrolling images/pages or adjusting volume
- A finger can be placed in a 360 degree relationship to the sensor and still be read

… and integration

FPC also offers customized software for communication with the operating system in the device in which the biometric system solution is embedded.

A smoothly functioning link in the ecosystem FPC ensures that the interface for verification data and communication complies with system standards for secure payments.

FPC’s biometric system solution is approved for Android 6.0 including Android Pay, PayPal and Alipay.

A broad product portfolio

FPC offers a wide range of fingerprint sensors that facilitate the placement of the sensor itself in other types of electronics. In the case of smartphones, it is possible to locate them on the front, the rear, the side and even under glass. Smaller sensor models are suitable for wearables and thinner ones for smartcards.

Differentiating opportunities for smartphones och tablets

FPC offers a broad portfolio of fingerprint sensor systems. In addition to excellent image quality, low power consumption, robustness – able to handle over 10 million fingerprints – and secure algorithms, FPC offers smartphone/tablet manufacturers opportunities to distinguish themselves from the competition through a broad product portfolio and the ability to develop software for unique capabilities in functions for end users.

The company is able to meet smartphone/tablet manufacturers’ demands and wishes, which are based on hardware requirements – the placement of the sensor – on the front, side or rear, and software requirements – customization of the systems for each mobile platform.

Embedded system solutions with broad application potential

FPC’s biometric system solution is also extremely suitable for other applications.
The company offers prepackaged system solutions, plug-and-play modules, that are easy to apply without special customization, and which thus cut the customer’s time to market.

FPC-BM – a biometric module with sensors and a processor/memory for internal storage of identities.
FPC-BEP – a biometric software platform for easy integration and connection which cuts the customer’s time to market.

The modules can also be provided with drivers for configuration and integration with external computer units.

Pilot test kits

DevKit, a software development and pilot kit featuring FPC’s components is sold to facilitate customer evaluations and opportunities for proprietary production of prototypes/pilot series.

Delivered in various stages of refinement

Wafer + software Sensors for smartphones, tablets and laptops are generally delivered in the form of a wafer, where the chips sit intact on a substrate. They are delivered to module suppliers who handle modularization, i.e. they manufacture customized sensor modules for end customers/OEMs.

The algorithm and software are delivered directly to the smartphone manufacturer and integrated into the smartphone along with other software with the help of FPC customer support engineers.

Chip + LGA + software The sensor is packaged with contact and signal processing. FPC also offers customized coatings in the customer’s chosen shape and color. The algorithm and software are sent separately straight to the customer (see above).

Biometric module A complete biometrics system for the simplest integration into other products, consisting of sensors connected to a processor and accompanying software. Usually integrated into other products.

Strong patent portfolio on a global scale

FPC proactively protects its patents in close proximity to product development. The company patents the entire system solution including the algorithm. FPC has strong patent protection with over 100 registered patents. Patents ae registered in several key markets: the US and important countries in Europe and Asia.

This strong protection makes it easier for customers to launch products featuring an FPC biometric system solution globally in ever-larger markets without running the risk of patent infringement.

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