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Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) testing
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Intertek is the leading provider of immunity and susceptibility testing. The company offers the world’s largest network of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) facilities to test products quickly and expertly.

While most global markets require proof of EMC emissions compliance, currently, the European Union is the only major market that also requires proof of immunity (EMI). Products destined for the European market must comply with EN and IEC standards that specify EMC Immunity performance.

Electrostatic Discharge:
- +/- 15 kV Contact Discharge, +/- 30 kV Air Discharge
- Humidity Temperature controlled rooms and lab
- Waveform verification target with 1 GHz Oscilloscope
- Various ESD tips from standard IEC/EN test to tips designed for automotive

For details, click http://www.intertek.com/emc/immunity-and-susceptibility-testing/.

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