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[Embedded World 2017] Intrinsyc's platforms supporting Windows 10 IoT core is Microsoft Azure certified for IoT
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2017.03.13  23:23:20
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Canada -  Intrinsyc Technologies (www.intrinsyc.com), a specialist provider of solutions for the development and production of embedded and Internet of Things (“IoT”) products, announced the company’s Open‐Q™ 410 supports Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core and is Microsoft Azure certified for IoT. Device makers can now leverage these technologies in the creation of innovative embedded and IoT devices.

With this expanded offering Intrinsyc’s Open-Q™ 410 Development Kit now supports the Android, Linux and Windows 10 IoT Core operating systems. This means device makers can choose the operating system that best suits their requirements. Windows 10 IoT Core is part of the Windows 10 operating system family and utilizes the familiar Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API and the Microsoft Visual Studio development tool suite.

Microsoft Azure is pre-certified on the Company’s Open-Q™ 410 Development Kit which gives device makers the ability to quickly create compelling scenarios based on Microsoft’s cloud services. Getting data off a device into the Microsoft cloud has never been easier and once there, the full Microsoft Azure stack is available to create great backend and analytic solutions.

“It’s simpler than ever for device makers to create compelling full-stack Microsoft solutions; from devices to the cloud,” stated Cliff Morton, Vice President of Client Solutions, Intrinsyc.

“Device makers now have more operating system choices and given that Microsoft Azure integration is operating system agnostic; companies can with minimal effort, create networks of IoT devices, based on disparate technologies, all connected seamlessly with Microsoft Azure.”

The Open-Q™ 410 Development Kit enables the rapid commercial production of products across a variety of embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) industries; such as robotics, cameras, set-top-boxes, wearables, medical devices, vending machines, building automation, smart homes, and industrial control.

The Development Kit includes a production-ready system on module (SOM), powered by a 64-bit, quad-core ARM® Cortex®-A53 processor, running at up to 1.2 GHz per core. In addition, the processor includes an integrated GPU and DSP to support advanced multimedia applications.

Additional information on Intrinsyc’s Open-Q™ 410 Development Kit is available here:

The details of running Microsoft Azure on the Open-Q™ Development Kit are available here:

The Open-Q™ 410 Development Kit can be found in the Microsoft Azure certified catalog here: https://catalog.azureiotsuite.com/?q=intrinsyc

Intrinsyc’s Open‐Q™ products will be shown at Embedded World, Booth: Hall 1 Stand 1-636 in Nuremburg, Germany from March 14 to March 16, 2017. Please contact Intrinsyc at sales@intrinsyc.com to arrange for a meeting at Embedded World or at other upcoming events.

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