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SilverCore cooling and heating solution
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2017.03.16  18:15:54
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SilverCore™ is a solid-state philosophy and technology approach to cutting-edge cooling and heating solutions with unprecedented performance. Energy efficiency. Ultra-quiet operation. Sustainability that eliminates hazardous CFC and HFC refrigerants.

Differentiated products: Refrigerators. Freezers. Ice makers. Even climate control (heating, air conditioning, and humidification) for the home.

SilverCore™ starts with high performing Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) devices. Then we customize them – for Q, COP, ACR, and even physical dimensions – for your specific application. Phononic Heat Pumps™ (PHPs) amplify and scale TEC output.

PHPs deliver unprecedented heating and cooling scale – from watts to kilowatts – all in a small, lightweight, and reliable, ruggedized package that slips right into a standard industrial manufacturing flow.

Fully integrated system solutions bring SilverCore™ to life. SilverCore™ leverages TECs, PHPs, and advanced secondary heat transport systems that efficiently maximize space, reduce energy consumption, and reduce or eliminate noise.

Click https://phononic.com/silvercore/ for details.

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