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World’s first ready-to-use NFC paper
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2017.04.01  06:29:17
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Powercoat Paper (www.powercoatpaper.com) comes out with the world’s first ready-to-use NFC paper for both professional and end-user finishing, ushering in a new era in intelligent print media, packaging and much more.

Thanks to PowerCoat®, a pure paper substrate for printed electronics, th ecompany offers a new range of NFC-ready papers, allowing instant integration of smart functionality and interactivity to virtually any paper product.

PowerCoat® Alive isn’t just recyclable. It is the perfect solution for intelligent applications across a multitude of industries including marketing, security, medical and finance.

Imagine the possibilities – advertising media, interactive displays, product labelling and packaging, security, healthcare and logistics applications, let alone the multitude of smartphone functions that can be triggered via NFC.

These ready-to-use, pre-printed (with electronic circuity), pre-laminated products will thus have interactive capabilities, allowing printers and end-users to effortlessly incorporate intelligence and interactivity into any traditional paper applications.

Packaging for example can be embedded with additional product information, or content that adapts in relation to the location, or even password secure data, to name a few. What’s more is that PowerCoat-laminated paper products offer an additional level of security, as delamination is virtually impossible- this ensures that information cannot be taken from one product and reused on another.

Click http://powercoatpaper.com/powercoat/alive/ for details.

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