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Control unit for LED driver or dimming ballast
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The Enlighted Control Unit interfaces with the Enlighted sensor units (Smart Sensor, Ruggedized Sensor, or Compact Sensor) and connects to a ballast or LED driver to control light behavior, or receptacle relays to provide on/off controls.

The Control Unit also contains a power metering chip that enables the Enlighted control network to measure power in real time as well as energy consumption over time.

The Enlighted Control Unit is typically wired to the fixture’s LED driver or dimming ballast tocontrol light levels with high reliability and security—defaulting to full-output in any failure mode. It also connects to the Enlighted sensor units which contain microprocessors and sensor arrays that integrate occupancy, daylight, and temperature sensing.

Customizable software profiles that drive each sensor unit enable easy definition of parameters to balance energy
efficiency and occupant comfort goals. The sensor unit continuously takes occupancy, vacancy and light readings, interprets this data and instructs the Enlighted Control Unit in how to adjust illumination levels accordingly.


Real-Time Measurement and Verification of Energy Savings: Measures baseline wattage and energy
consumption per fixture

Simple and Low-Cost Installation: The Control Unit is designed to fit within fixture cavity to speed
installation and is factory-installable into fixture for streamlined project installation

Flexible Configuration: Allows control of many small low-wattage fixtures with single unit (output
up to 4.5A)

Latching Relay to Reduce Standby Power: Ensures fixture defaults to a power-on mode in the case
of failure. Reduces standby power consumption of each unit to 500mW, compared with traditional

Fixture Outage Reports: Harvests performance data via embedded power meter chip. Enlighted
control network generates fixture outage reports to reduce maintenance costs and increase
occupant safety and comfort

Click http://info.enlightedinc.com/rs/000-IKN-871/images/CU_SS_93-01203-01_Rev08.pdf for specifications.

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