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Lucca Bozzi launches SOLAR WALLET - sails past its kickstarter goal
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2017.04.16  06:43:33
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USA - Lucca Bozzi (www.luccabozzi.com) introduces its flagship product Solar Wallet on Kickstarter, a luxury wallet that gives users the power to freely charge their devices on the go.

“The most frequently carried daily devices are the phone and wallet. Your phone has consistently evolved over the past years, but why hasn't your wallet-” said Seva Mouler, Lucca Bozzi’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Our focus has been creating a beautiful, timeless design while also working with the top engineers to perfect a piece the majority of the world carries daily.”

Solar Wallet is a modern interpretation of the classic bi-fold wallet that incorporates advanced charging technologies and an integrated charging cable for the internal power bank and solar cell, to extend mobile devices' battery life up to 10 hours.

With a patent-pending construction, the wallet maintains thinness, durability and a lightweight design. Originating from the internal power bank is the custom integrated charging cable that is compatible with USB-C, Apple Lightning and Micro-USB devices. The charging cable tucks inside the stow-away compartment eliminating cable-hassle and the need to bring an external cord.

The wallet’s solar component offers yet another source for battery life. "One of our many aims for Solar Wallet was to encourage the use of sustainable energy in our everyday life," Mouler adds. Users are able to cultivate renewable energy through any light source; e.g. sun coming through the windows of your home and even through lightbulbs in the workplace.

“In a time where we rely on our tech more every day, we sought to create a versatile wallet that addressed the unique and evolving charging needs of the millennial, while maintaining the luxury of a designer wallet," said Mouler.

The Solar Wallet campaign was launched on Kickstarter on April 5 and is over 750% funded after 5 days. Estimated shipping is December 2017.

Solar Wallet Features Include:
-Internal power bank for +10 hours of extra charge
-RFID protection against electronic data theft
-Android to Apple connectivity - use a micro-USB cable to charge an iPhone or iPad
-Intelligent Charge - passthrough charge auto-optimizes between mobile device & wallet
-Quickdraw access for most used cards
-Integrated charging cable
-Compatible with USB-C, Apple Lightning and Micro-USB
-Solar rechargeable - harness the power of the sun and any light source
-Spring loaded money clip for cash storage
-Storage for up to eight cards
-Super slim and lightweight
-100% genuine Nappa leather

Pricing & Availability
Solar Wallet can be purchased on Kickstarter at an early bird rate of $99 for a limited time. The final suggested retail price is $199.

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