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Water capable, patented industrial capacitive touch
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2017.05.05  17:56:07
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duraTOUCH® is UICO's "industrial-grade", patented capacitive touch technology. By optimizing key aspects of capacitive sensing, the company overcomes the vexing limitations of capacitive touchscreens - water and liquids, thick gloves, extreme temperatures, and thick cover lens materials.

Global brands that you know well use duraTOUCH® touch screens and touch surfaces in a multitude of applications spanning bathroom showers, industrial controls, home and commercial kitches, rtvs and motorcycles, rugged mobile devices, medical devices, fitness trackers, smartwatches, and more.

When it has to work in wet environments, duraTOUCH® offers capacitive touchscreens inherently prone to false touches and lock-ups. It strongly works even when water or other types of liquid are on the screen, or on the user's fingers.

duraTOUCH® with the company's patented waterSENSE® technology takes water immunity next-level. duraTOUCH® capacitive touch screens enable a seamless experience in the wettest use case - swimming pool, ocean, pouring rain, snow storm, operating theatre, and more. No false touches. No catastrophic lock-ups.

Click http://www.uico.com/technology for details

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