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Why medical-grade monitors are important in teleradiology
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2017.05.09  07:22:44
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The medical industry has seen some great technological advances in the last few decades. One of the more substantial advancements has been the replacement of physical scans with PACS and digital scans.

With PACS and the digital age, radiologists are now able to view more data in a shorter time frame than ever before. Not only can multiple images be placed side by side on a screen, but hundreds of images can be stacked and then scrolled through, all in a matter of seconds.

Healthcare DiagnosticHowever, being able to view more data in a shorter time frame isn't necessarily as good as it sounds. Ultimately more data means that radiologists have to look through more scans than ever before, and hospitals are requiring more radiologists to cope with the increased amount of information.

This technological leap from physical to digital, although improving the quality and efficiency of medical care, has brought with it many logistical problems.

One potential savior in this digital world is teleradiology. Teleradiology is the practice of sending digital images to an external radiologist to interpret data for you. Recently many independent radiologists and teleradiology firms have started up, which focus on providing interpretations by qualified radiologists.

Click http://www.eizoglobal.com/library/healthcare/medical-monitors-teleradiology/index.html for details.

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