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New Dow Corning DA-6650 Die Attach Adhesive formulated improves production and reliability of sensitive MEMS sensors
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2017.05.19  12:09:05
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USA - Dow Corning (www.dowcorning.com), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company (www.dow.com) and a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, introduced an advanced new material to its growing portfolio of solutions for sensors based on micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).

New Dow Corning® DA-6650 Die Attach Adhesive combines low modulus across a wide temperature range with a proprietary filler technology to minimize cracking of small MEMS dies during packaging assembly. Suitable for single or stacked chips, Dow Corning’s new adhesive can help improve both the yield and reliability of camera sensors and sensitive MEMS sensors used to measure pressure, temperature and other metrics.

“MEMS sensor applications continue to grow rapidly, which is increasing the already considerable pressure on packaging assembly houses and MEMs designers to improve the yield and quality of their products,” said Gary Aw, marketing manager for Dow Corning.

“This innovative new material exemplifies Dow Corning’s proactive and collaborative approach to solving industry challenges. Through our close, collaborative relationships with customers, Dow Corning was able to tailor new DA-6650 Adhesive specifically to address their most demanding assembly issues and meet the needs of this fast-growing sector.”

Available as a one-part silicone formulation, Dow Corning® DA-6650 Die Attach Adhesive has an innovative silicone elastomer filler that absorbs mechanical stress during the die attach process, which helps to minimize cracking and maximize yields. Once cured, the material maintains a low 3.9MPa modulus at temperatures between -55°C and 200°C to enable MEMS sensors to deliver consistent measurements as temperatures cycle across a wide range.

DA-6650 Die Attach Adhesive is a solvent-free material with low moisture absorption. Like other silicones in Dow Corning’s advanced assembly portfolio, it offers superior thermal stability vs. organic materials.

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