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Anti-Tamper technologies
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2017.06.02  13:30:40
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Attacks against digital circuits can be performed by actively disrupting the device or by directly tampering with the device’s internal structure. These powerful attacks regroup attempts to inject faults, directly probe or force signals, remove, add or modify features on the chip (metal routing, transistors).

Against such attacks, Secure-IC offers a range of protection technologies including shielding, tampering detection, digital attach sensing, and data at-rest/in-transit scrambling.

Key Features:
- Digital & Universal sensor, reactive to any abnormal conditions (temperature, voltage, clock frequency, laser and EM exposure, etc.)
- Shielding to prevent ASIC intrusions
- Alarms raised in real-time
- Random jitter to desynchronize information leakage
- High-performing memory encryption to protect data in real-time


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