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Displays for Medical Applications
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By Frank Jammers, Field Applications Engineer (Europe) at New Vision Display, Inc.

Visualization is an important parameter in modern life and nowadays almost exclusively realized by use of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs). But not every LCD is equally suited for every application.

Each and every employment has specific requirements that have to be met by the display of choice. Engineers, developers, and other decision-makers must have a deep and comprehensive understanding of how display specifications impact final products.

To choose the right display for a medical application, it’s important to know how a display differs from an industrial or consumer display, as well as the benefits realized by these specific features, and how they impact the application.

To complicate matters, the medical market comprises of many sub-markets with requirements ranging from small, low-resolution panels (or even passive segmented displays) in rugged and mobile medical applications to large, high-resolution, high-contrast color or monochrome panels for medical diagnostics.

Harsh Environments

Displays can be subjected to extreme temperature, shock and vibration, moisture and variable ambient lighting. Those conditions mandate a highly reliable display and possibly the use of a clear protective cover that can safeguard the display from the rigors of daily use.

Variable ambient-lighting conditions range from low-level indoor lighting to direct sunlight, in which case peak luminance and high contrast become very important.

When standard display performance is not sufficient, Medical TFT suppliers can add enhancements such as optically bonded glass with anti-reflective coatings (to provide protection and preserve contrast), which can help significantly. Another option is to use transflective displays that combine both reflective and transmissive properties and are suitable for performance in all ambient-lighting conditions.

Click http://newvisiondisplay.com/displays-medical-applications/ for details.

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