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Daymak launches new special edition EC1 featuring built in wireless charging technology
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2017.06.14  12:11:04
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Canada - Daymak (www.daymak.com) announced that it has successfully installed a unique and first-of-its-kind wireless charging technology on the EC1 Special Edition. The new EC1 SE will feature built in wireless charging technology and a new fully integrated display. With its inauguration, Daymak will install its first wireless station at its head office located 15 Curity Ave., Toronto.

The EC1 made a name for itself as one of the most affordable carbon fiber ebikes on the market to date. The EC1 SE will uphold that vision while improving on its usability and sleek and modern design.

"A huge step up from the original, we wanted the EC1 SE to cater to a level of quality and performance that cyclists both young and old can appreciate. By switching to a built in LED display, we removed a lot of the clutter as well as additional wires that draw away from its otherwise elegant look. We also upgraded the groupset of the EC1 SE to all high quality Shimano parts as we wanted the avid cyclist to experience an almost seamless transition from bicycle to ebike." - Akili Sylvester, Lead Project Manager of Daymak.

To top it all off, the EC1 SE will now have wireless charging capabilities using Daymak's new inductive solar panel charging station. Now when the EC1 SE is placed into one of our new charging stations, simply lock the bike in its holster and it will automatically charge the bike. The charging station will feature wireless capabilities that will safely lock bikes in place via app or key card.

"Our goal is to test the technology on this EC1 SE and implement free wireless charging stations across all our dealers and stores upon finalizing the system. It can also be used for rental fleets, tour operators and vacation properties. It only takes a few hours to charge and there is no need to bring a charger." - Aldo Baiocchi, President of Daymak.

The Daymak EC1 SE will be available for $2999.00, or $2899.00 without wireless charging capabilities. These will be custom ordered and will be launching July 2017.

As previously indicated in our press release dated on April 5th, Daymak launched a crowd funding campaign to offer investors the unique opportunity to buy shares in Daymak as a private company.

The Frontfundr campaign was launched on April 1st and ends June 30th, 2017.

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