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[IMS 2017] CounterPath enhances Unified Communications (UC) platform for enterprises and carriers
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2017.06.16  09:36:12
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Canada - CounterPath (www.counterpath.com), a global provider of award-winning, over-the-top (OTT) Unified Communications (UC) solutions for enterprises and carriers, announced enhancements to its Stretto platform.

In combination with the Bria product suite, Stretto delivers productivity improvements, reduces operating costs and continues to enhance the end-user experience. By tightly coupling Bria clients with a flexible and modular server solution, the newly updated Stretto Platform transcends into a messaging, presence, screen sharing and provisioning platform that helps businesses and individual users meet their specific communication needs.

Stretto also offers client provisioning, network convergence, real-time performance feedback, and troubleshooting data to the IT team.

Some of the feature enhancements include:
- Improved User Experience Metrics (UEM) for desktop
- Stretto 1.9.0 includes support for RedHat and CentOS 6.

Supporting both gives customers more choice and ultimately drives down deployment costs
Improved troubleshooting and logging tools for admins to better support their organizations and improve their performance against their SLA.

Enhanced security settings for highly regulated verticals such as financial services, government and healthcare

"The latest enhancements to our Stretto Platform are further proof of our commitment to providing a seamless communications experience for all of our customers," said Todd Carothers, EVP of Sales and Marketing, CounterPath.

"With this release, CounterPath offers an enhanced Unified Communications (UC) platform to continue to support both large and enterprise partners - while providing support for fast growing customers driving ongoing innovation. Simply put, no other solution rivals the Stretto Platform's ability to address the deployment and management issues associated with unified communications clients."


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