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[InfoComm 2017] Barco’s new X-series LED displays bring better quality, easier installation to indoor applications
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2017.06.16  21:03:45
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Belgium - Indoor applications are particularly sensitive to quality. Barco’s (www.barco.com) new X-series LED displays offer providers in that sector a powerful combination of superior quality, easier installation and enhanced reliability.

Through a combination of product upgrades, innovative technology and superior design, the new X-series displays from Barco meet a number of key requirements in the indoor display market. Suppliers of museums, houses of worship, retail, airports and control rooms can now call on superior tear-free images, easier installation and enhanced reliability backed by a new three-year warranty. 

“We really went back to basics in terms of what suppliers need in terms of outcome in 2017,” says Wim Buyens, Senior VP - General Manager Entertainment. “Image quality was obviously top of the list, but we also reduced the number of panels required to create a great effect and ensured that the panels will be as impressive years from now – a key benefit when looking at the total cost of ownership.”

Tear-free images thanks to InfinipixTM
Superior image quality is obviously a key element in indoor displays, as it guarantees the “wow” factor. But how the image is processed can really affect the overall impression. “Tears”, when the image jars, are incredibly disruptive to the viewing experience as they pull the audience out of the story being told. They are also catastrophic in a broadcast backdrop.

Barco’s new Infinipix technology ensures smooth images – even when multiple panels or image sources are involved. Infinipix effectively creates a second “redundant” data path to ensure all the LEDs receive the signals no matter what happens.

What’ s more, the X series comes in a range of four pixel pitches – 1.29, 1.58, 2.5 and 4mm to match just about any use.

Reliability means peace of mind
What today’s users need is not just another LED tile. To be competitive, they require a direct view LED display system that offers superior quality and can be used and maintained for multiple years and that keeps delivering the best image quality. So Barco’s new X-series could not come at a better time, as it brings them:
-Unique calibration for constant image quality 
-2 data paths to eliminate the risk of image tears 
-Accurate colors under every conditions 
-44% larger tile size (480x480) for fewer seams and fewer tiles to install 
A 3-year warranty – extendible to 5 years.

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