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Advantest ships 5,00th V93000 system to address the diverse needs of testing mixed-signal ICs
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2017.06.19  17:15:06
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Japan - Leading semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation (www.advantest.com) has shipped its 5,000th V93000 test system to Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT; www.IDT.com), a leading supplier of system-level semiconductor solutions.

The recently installed system is equipped with the new DC Scale AVI64 universal analog pin card, Pin Scale 1600 digital cards and DC Scale DPS128 cards to meet IDT’s needs in new product markets.

“IDT initially purchased the V93000 to address very-high-performance, high-speed clock and timing devices,” states Mr. Scott Martin, Vice President of Product and Test Engineering at IDT.

“We now have a tester platform we can deploy for multiple product segments, enabling us to optimize our testing capabilities and reduce costs.”

“The AVI64 has allowed the V93000 platform to expand into the power and analog market space, where it has rapidly gained wide acceptance among the leading analog and mixed-signal device manufacturers around the world,” said Hans-Juergen Wagner, senior vice president of the SoC Business Group at Advantest Corporation.

“With the launch of the AVI64 in the V93000 platform portfolio, current and next-generation power and analog devices can be tested more efficiently and cost effectively, leading to faster time to market.”

A member of Advantest’s versatile V93000 series of testers, the AVI64 module provides greater flexibility and scalability that enables unprecedented asset utilization, manufacturing flexibility and the lowest cost of test.

The AVI64 is architecturally advanced compared to current market offerings, integrating on a single card 64 independent channels with multiple functions including precision DC source and measure, pulsed power capabilities, arbitrary waveform generators and digitizers, high-voltage digital I/O and time measurement capabilities.

Traditional ATE solutions have been using multiple types of cards with much lower channel counts per card, limiting the ability to perform multi-site testing. The AVI64 delivers twice the parallel test count while significantly simplifying loadboard designs by reducing the need for relays. As a result, test times have been shortened and the cost of test has been reduced by as much as 50 percent compared to incumbent solutions.

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