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China Telecom and Telenor connexion enter into strategic partnership based on IoT open platform
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2017.07.10  22:03:47
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USA & Sweden - China Telecom (www.chinatelecomglobal.com) and Telenor Connexion (www.telenorconnexion.com) celebrate the strategic partnership based on the common Internet of Things (IoT) Open Platform at the launch event of “eSurfing on the Silk Road, IoT with the World” in Shanghai, China. This common platform enables both companies to serve their respective customers throughout the combined footprints across China, Europe and other Asian regions.

The partnership will allow customers from China Telecom and Telenor Connexion to deploy IoT and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services in each other’s network. It enables China Telecom’s multi-national enterprise customers with outbound IoT business to deploy their assets and offerings under Telenor Connexion’s networks in the European and other Asian Markets. Similarly, Telenor Connexion’s global customers can enjoy the benefits of the rapidly growing Chinese market by leveraging on China Telecom’s IoT network resources and business capabilities. The seamless switching of IoT subscription between networks is achieved by the integration of the two commonly deployed eUICC platforms which are the key component of IoT collaboration across borders.

China Telecom and Telenor Connexion will cooperate both commercially and technically to create new service models that support the global IoT opportunities. Under this agreement, Telenor Connexion will be one of China Telecom’s preferred partners for connectivity in Europe and other Asian regions while China Telecom will also be Telenor Connexion’s preferred partner for connectivity in China based on the DCP platform and ecosystem. Both companies also agreed to jointly explore the potential of enhancing existing IoT capabilities and the application of new technologies such as NB-IOT and LTE-M in the global market.

Mr. Deng Xiao Feng, Managing Director of Global Business Department of China Telecom, said, “Telenor Connexion has been a leader in the IoT industry. We are excited to form this partnership between China Telecom and Telenor Connexion. Both companies have formed their own IoT ecosystems which can also be shared to address the increasing demand of the global IoT opportunities. Through this partnership, it allows both companies to leverage each other’s strengths and capabilities.”

“We are pleased to be a strategic partner with China Telecom and look forward to a partnership that takes full advantage of our respective abilities to deliver network resources and business capabilities. Both of our companies have extensive experience of M2M/IoT deployments and share a deep commitment to finding the best possible solutions for our global customers. Telenor Connexion, as an original developer of the DCP platform, is well positioned to leverage and initiate product enhancements that will benefit all“, said Mats Lundquist, CEO of Telenor Connexion.

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