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Quantenna and AirTies partner to deliver smart Wi-Fi mesh solutions to service providers
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2017.07.17  11:16:13
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USA - Quantenna Communications (www.quantenna.com), a specialist provider of high performance Wi-Fi solutions, and AirTies (www.airties.com), a specialist provider of premium in-home wireless systems, announced a strategic partnership to provide a complete Wi-Fi solution for total home connectivity for service providers worldwide.

The partnership between Quantenna and AirTies offers Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with a complete Wi-Fi hardware and software solution, performance monitoring and improvement capabilities to provide a managed Wi-Fi mesh solution for their subscribers and the ability to differentiate with new classes of premium Wi-Fi services.

This combination enables AirTies mesh software to run on Quantenna’s Wi-Fi access point and client solutions. Today’s in-home Wi-Fi connectivity requirements are more important than ever and this partnership enables service providers to manage and optimize home Wi-Fi networks and provide maximum quality of experience for the super-connected home.

“Quantenna and AirTies recognize the rapidly increasing demands of future whole-home Wi-Fi connectivity and higher expectations of their customers,” said Lionel Bonnot Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Quantenna.

“With this partnership that leverages our hardware and software platforms, we can help our service provider customers future-proof their solutions and deliver unprecedented total home Wi-Fi performance and continuously raise the Wi-Fi performance bar.”

“AirTies and Quantenna have been successfully working together to deliver best in class video and mesh solutions for years. This partnership is the next step in our business relationship,” said Philippe Alcaras, AirTies CEO. “AirTies mesh software can leverage Quantenna’s large footprint in high performance Wi-Fi deployments with service providers around the globe.”

AirTies' Wi-Fi mesh software support will be integrated into Quantenna’s range of Wi-Fi access point and client solutions from QSR1000/2000 4x4, QSR10G 8x8+4x4 to, 2x4 and 2x2 MiMO providing operators with a clear and complete roadmap for now and the future. AirTies' versatile software can also turn residential gateways and wireless set-top boxes into an additional Mesh Wi-Fi access point for enhanced in-home coverage.

The software provides coordinated channel changes across the mesh network, client steering to the most optimum band and access point, and dynamic packet routing to improve whole-home coverage and performance. Home networks can also be monitored, providing valuable Wi-Fi performance insights for service providers that are optimized through the cloud.


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