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Automated test using RF attenuators to create physical layer conditions for roaming
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A stack of 3 octoBoxes® can be configured as a roaming testbed with the OB-ROAMING software controlling test traffic and programmable attenuators to create conditions for the roaming events.

OB-ROAMING test from octoScope is a stand-alone compact RF testbed, which supports Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/p/n/ac) and cellular (GSM, UMTS, LTE, FDD, TD-LTE and LTE-Advanced) testing. It detects ‘sticky’ Wi-Fi clients with slow path loss ramping and supports throughput vs. range measurements.

It is factory configured with RF attenuators, combiners and cabling needed for the roaming and throughput testing. Featuring a complete isolation - all power and control interfaces are filtered to ensure isolation -, it has eight RF ports accommodating 4x4 MIMO plus controlled interference or monitor connections. An automated OB-ROAMING test software is accompanied.

Devices in the testbed are isolated from one another and from external interference. Physical layer conditions for roaming (i.e. dynamically changing path losses) are created using octoBox
quadAtten programmable RF attenuators.

OB-ROAMING software controls ping traffic and plots the gap in transmissions indicative of roaming time. The software controls rate of path loss change vs. time, which helps reveal sticky Wi-Fi clients.

- Frequency range: 700 to 6000 MHz
- Attenuator dynamic range: 60 dB; step: 0.5 dB
- Emulated velocity: programmable; up to 100 mph
- Up to 4 RF attenuators per module powered and individually controlled via Ethernet/PoE or USB
- Conducted or over the air (OTA) signal coupling
- Test automation software controls test conditions and provides graphical reporting

Click https://www.octoscope.com/English/Collaterals/Application_Notes/octoScope_octoBox_Roaming_Test_Application_Note.pdf for details.


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