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Fingerprint recognition
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2017.07.31  23:01:22
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Fingerprint recognition enables an easy to use, reliable and cost efficient way to authenticate an individual. The advantages of the technology have already led to the wide spread use of fingerprint sensors in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

But the future holds many more attractive applications of biometrics and fingerprint recognition, for example in payments, access, automotive, wearables and home appliances.

The book Biometric Technologies has been written by Fingerprints™ to help customers, prospects, partners and anyone else who needs a better understanding of the biometric world. The contents draw on the extensive experience of biometric systems within Fingerprints™ and has its focus on fingerprint recognition, being the dominant biometric technology used for authentication and identification.

The book deals with authentication and identification in general, the various biometric modalities currently used for authentication and includes a detailed explanation of fingerprint recognition.

Biometric Technologies can be read from start to end for those wanting an overview of the whole biometrics field, but also used as a reference, thanks to the index at the back. 

Click https://fingerprints-cbqmhmjyrs2rynk.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Fingerprints-Biometric-Technologies-Whitepaper-January-2017-RevB.pdf for details.


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