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Universal LED replacement engines from Mitsubishi Electric
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2017.08.06  09:16:21
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글 msn

In Command & Control display, whatever the sector, the need to reduce running costs and improve return on investment is universal.

The technology change from mercury lamp to LED light sources some years ago made possible a dramatic reduction in running costs. But with the lifespan of control centres measured in decades rather than years, there are still large numbers of installations forced to continue using outdated and expensive mercury lamp based systems.

But now there is another alternative to complete system replacement; Universal LED Replacement Engines from Mitsubishi Electric. Replacement engines make it possible to upgrade legacy video walls to the latest LED technology, improving performance, greatly increasing lifespan and reducing maintenance costs to practically zero in the process.

Mitsubishi Electric (www.mitsubishi.co.jp) offers a range of Replacement Engines for most makes of DLP video wall.

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