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TE launches new digital display transducer with rotatable display for easier on-site process control
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2017.08.10  15:25:38
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USA - TE Connectivity (TE; www.TE.com), a world leader in connectivity and sensor solutions, announced the availability of the M5800 digital display pressure transducer with rotatable display.

The sensor was designed for applications requiring on-site process control and readily displayed pressure measurements such as food & beverage and pharmaceutical & medical systems.

The M5800 pressure transducer can be easily configured based on specific requirements including pressure range, pressure fitting, analog output and electrical connection.

"We developed the M5800 pressure transducer to solve particular problems in process-control environments: pressure measurements are not always accessible to the onsite operator, which can compromise operational efficiency," said Stephen Hobson, the product manager at TE.

"The M5800 pressure transducer features a 310° rotatable display allowing for easy viewing, on-demand adjustment and better process control."

Other benefits of the M5800 include:

  • Ease of installation with optimal viewing. Designed for industrial process controls environments, this low-powered pressure transmitter provides a flexible display and outputs wired analog signals. The design allows the display angle to be adjusted following installation and as needed to accommodate changing demands.
  • Multiple configurations. The M5800 pressure transducer is based on Microfused technology. It offers extensive configuration flexibility for pressure range, pressure fitting, analog output and electrical connections. With multiple configurations available, the M5800 pressure transducer can be configured for precision measurement in a variety of applications.
  • Precise measurement. The M5800 pressure transducer offers a display zero tare setting, providing a high confidence reading while maintaining long-term signal integrity.
  • Accurate and durable in the harshest environments. The M5800 pressure transducer is suitable for measurement of liquid or gas pressure even in harsh environments such as contaminated water, steam and some corrosive fluids. With an IP67 sealing rating, this sensor is weatherproof and industrial CE compliant.

The Latest Product in an Extensive Sensor Portfolio

The M5800 pressure transducer is the latest innovation from TE's extensive sensor solutions. With engineering expertise in areas as diverse as connected homes, connected cars and connected factories, TE is helping to enable a connected life by sensing data, power and signals in areas and environments never before possible. Offering one of the broadest sensor portfolios in the industry, TE meets a wide range of application needs through customized solutions and close customer collaboration.

Aimed at providing high reliability and better performance in extreme conditions, TE's sensor technologies are capable of accurately measuring physical characteristics as diverse as pressure, temperature, position, vibration and humidity, from the ocean floor to the depths of space.

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