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Aehr Test Systems receives follow-on orders exceeding $1.3 million for FOX-1 WaferPak contactors
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2017.08.10  15:33:41
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USA - Aehr Test Systems (www.aehr.com), a worldwide supplier of semiconductor test and burn-in equipment, today announced it has received follow-on orders exceeding $1.3 million for multiple WaferPak contactors for its FOX-1 wafer level test system.

Gayn Erickson, President and CEO of Aehr Test Systems, commented, “We are pleased to receive follow-on orders from this customer reflecting additional capacity needs. It’s gratifying to see renewed demand for our proprietary WaferPak contactors from our installed base of FOX-1 systems, as we have seen a lull in purchasing WaferPaks for these older systems. We have been seeing utilization rates increase on our FOX-1 single wafer and FOX-15™ multi-wafer systems, which now join the high utilization rates we have previously reported on our package level test and burn-in system installed base. As our FOX system installed base increases, we expect that our WaferPak full wafer contactors and DiePak® carriers will continue to grow as a percentage of our total sales, particularly with our new FOX-XP™ multi wafer and singulated die/module test and burn-in system.”

The FOX-1 test system is a member of Aehr Test's first generation of volume production full wafer test and burn-in systems and was the first system to be able to test an entire wafer of flash memory or micro-controller devices in parallel using Built-in Self-Test (BIST) techniques.

A cost-effective solution for single touchdown full wafer testing, the FOX-1 system is capable of delivering over 12,000 individual device power supplies and tests thousands of devices on a single wafer.

It is capable of testing up to 6,000 NOR or NAND flash memories on a 300mm wafer in a single contact using Aehr Test’s integration of BIST and low pin count test methodologies. Aehr Test’s WaferPak contactors can be configured with up to 50,000 contacts or more, resulting in a very low cost of test/ownership.

Aehr Test began volume deliveries of its next generation FOX-1P™ single wafer test system last year. The FOX-1P system is capable of providing up to 16,000 Universal Channel resources (software selectable I/Os, Clocks, Device Power Supplies, or Per-pin Precision Measurement Units) to a single wafer. Both the FOX-1 and FOX-1P systems have the highest number of tester resources per wafer of any product in the market.

Aehr Test’s proprietary WaferPak contactors are available for the FOX-1, FOX-15, and the new FOX-XP multi-wafer test and burn in systems, and are consumables that are uniquely designed to the customers’ devices.

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