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DSP Group and LISNR partner to create commercially available, advanced, ultra-low power audio-enabled data transmission solution
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2017.08.11  20:58:32
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USA - DSP Group (www.dspg.com) and LISNR (www.linsr.com), a specialist provider of data-over-audio technology, announced the Audio-D, a solution that supports data-over-audio communication for any device with a speaker or microphone.

This solution, based on DSP Group’s DBMD4 Voice SoC and LISNR® technology, overcomes device-to-device hardware restraints regarding RF protocols. This enables always-on communication and high level of interoperability while consuming low power.

Over the past 20 years, the connected industry has made significant advancements in connecting devices from afar. In that same time it’s become increasingly difficult to facilitate an initial or always-on connection to devices in close proximity, due to hardware and RF limitations. Short-range wireless device detection and data transmission across all connected devices can be quite difficult utilizing the current methods or protocols.

The cooperation of DSP Group® and LISNR® solves these hurdles and creates the ultimate solution enabling any device manufacturer to leverage audio as a means to transmit data across devices. The solution utilizes DSP Group’s DBMD4 - an innovative, cost-effective, small form-factor voice processor.

This enables voice processing in IoT devices while maintaining extremely low power consumption. LISNR® technology serves as an audio data transfer software to combat connectivity issues, efficiently identifying a device in close proximity to another device then initiating any secondary action. The secondary action could be connectivity, authentication for access, payment, ID, pairing, syncing, or data transmission such as mesh networking across all devices.

The Audio-D also offers consumers a boon in interoperability allowing advantages in cross-device flexibility. Devices becoming available with a microphone, speaker, and Audio-D will be able to detect and directly communicate with sound to any other device in the vicinity, regardless of manufacturer. This solution spans the connected device world with specific demand from auto, consumer electronics, hospitality, smart cities, healthcare, etc.

LISNR’s proprietary, near-ultrasonic protocol sends data over audio across bandwidths (12khz - 19khz) that are audible or inaudible, depending on use case and distribution method, to ensure optimal performance. Additional performance enhancements include Smart Tone™ types (ID, Text, Data), that optimize characteristics of data type for the actual use case.

“We have spent five years streamlining the ability to connect devices via sound, and this partnership is a validation of our technology and its capability. It’s the ultimate end-consumer benefit grounded in a partnership that’s rooted in seamless connectivity,” says Eric Allen, LISNR® President. “DSP Group’s DBMD4 is the ideal enabler of this solution offering low power consumption and excellent performance.”

“Advanced, ultra-low power data transmission technology using audio is a natural step in extending our wireless solutions across all devices,” says Yosi Brosh, CVP SEA Sales and Marketing with DSP Group. “We’re excited to work with LISNR on a groundbreaking solution for data-over-audio technology.”

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