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TactoTek injection molded structural electronics (IMSE)
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TactoTek (www.tactotek.com) injection molded structural electronics (IMSE) unlock new design possibilities–differentiating shapes, innovative features, and simplified construction. If your products include injection molded plastics and electronics, TactoTek technology can help you achieve your design objectives.

Many uses of TactoTek technology become self-evident when our technology becomes familiar. A variety of products can benefit from injection-molded structural electronics, including cars, home appliances, wearables and health devices.

Here are some examples of use cases and features enabled by TactoTek technology:

Customized, thin and formed user interfaces: control panels in cars and home appliances with mode-specific lighting, intelligence, and more

Encapsulated sensors, such as accelerometers, impact and ambient light sensors molded directly into the surface skins of designs, with applications ranging from fully-integrated systems to simple sensor tags for wearable technology

Printed capacitive buttons and sliders for responsive soft touch controls that even perform with leather gloves

Sophisticated lighting for advanced styling and to communicate information in an appealing way to users

Wearable designs can distribute electronics and controls throughout the structure of the device to create thin, flexible form factors

In-Mold Structural Electronics (IMSE) Anatomy
The TactoTek ControlSurface™ example illustrates an advanced in-mold structural electronics solution and includes many popular features implemented using TactoTek technology.

- 3D Proximity Sensing Cover – a wave of the hand activates controls
- TactoTek printed controls, buttons and slider
- TactoTek LightStripe™– even, bright RGB styling illumination
- NFC printed antenna (under decoration)
- LEDs for backlit indicators and TactoTek LightStripe™ integrated within molded plastic
- Select system electronics molded inside of the 3D plastic structure

This type of highly integrated design offers many benefits over conventional structures, a few of which include:

- Seamless one-piece design combining cosmetic surface and electronics
- Conductive circuitry, antennas, and touch controls are integral to the device structure
- Printed touch controls deliver excellent performance and dynamic range, moreover they work with gloves because sensors are as close as 0.15 mm from the user
- A single flex tail to connect the TactoTek ControlSurface™ into a larger part making assembly and service quick and easy
- All circuitry and electronics are encapsulated in molded plastics protecting them from moisture, debris, vibration and impact

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