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Boost helping grow your plants better
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Transcend Lighting's (www.transcendlighting.com) Boost is purpose built for commercial Controlled Environment Agriculture. Two custom optics deliver precise and uniform photosynthetic flux density for both greenhouse supplemental lighting (50-150 PPFD) and high power vertical farming (800-1100 PPFD).

Boost is designed to grow your plants better. Our proprietary photosynthetic lighting recipes paired with the mounting flexibility that provides uniform PPFD has been proven to increase plant growth and yield while having a positive impact on plant morphology.

Boost is the first fixture from Transcend Lighting to include our new patent pending intensity control technology that intelligently adapts to LED aging curves to provide consistent PPFD year after year.

Designed for code compliance, Boost is UL and cUL listed. Importantly for vertical farms, Boost is IP66 waterproof rated.

Boost operates up to 130 watts with an output of 260 umols/sec. With auto-sensing universal voltage input and 0-10V dimming Boost can provide precise PPFD in any facility.

Installing and powering Boost is easy and reliable via interconnection cables or seamless end-to-end connections. Up 19 Boosts can be daisy-chained off of a single plug.

Greenhouse growing

Designed to provide a DLI up to10 moles of light per day. Using the custom designed 45 degree reflector Boost was designed to be mounted directly to existing greenhouse support structures and provide 50-150 PPFD without any additional shadowing.

Compatible with farm management systems and daylight harvesting sensors Boost can intelligently use the on-board 0-10V dimming system to provide precise amounts of light on both cloudy and sunny days.

Instant-on/off, Boost is routinely used for photoperiod interruption for various greenhouse crops.

Vertical Growing

Using the custom designed 120 degree refracting optic Boost was designed to uniformly provide 800-1100 PPFD in vertical systems. Custom fixture-to-fixture spacing and IP66 waterproof design provides perfectly uniform illumination for any multi-tier configuration.

Integrated clip mounting system allows Boost to be connected directly to multi-tier systems while maintaining a low profile to optimize vertical space. The standard on-board 0-10V dimming system can dynamically and precisely control canopy PPFD and dim-to-off for easy farm management control.

Single Tier Growing

Using custom designed 45 degree reflector, 800-1100 PPFD is achieved at 12-24 inch mounting heights. Available mounting brackets allow for easy and customizable installation. Light bar center-to-center spacing is easily customized to provide perfect uniformity and PPFD for any installation.

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