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[IBC 2017] Socionext and Softlron announce partnership to build 'HyperCast', a compact, low-power dense transcode server for optimized video processing
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2017.09.13  13:31:48
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USA - Socionext (www.socionext.com), a leader in advanced SoC technology for video and imaging systems, is in a new partnership with SoftIron, a Silicon Valley start-up with expertise in dense server technology, to develop a new low-power, dense transcode server for data center video processing.


The two companies are working together on the HyperCast Server, which is optimized to deliver unprecedented transcoding and storage density – at a cost per channel that makes the offering a vital and effective new system for the data center.

Socionext engineers have integrated a "sea of transcoders", also known as the "Media Cloud", to accelerate video processing 'under the hood' of standard servers. The number of channels per 1RU, power consumption per channel and cost are an order of magnitude better than comparable solutions with standard servers. The MB86M30-based solution is capable of real-time transcoding up to 256 bundles of AVC/ HEVC ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate) streams in a dense 1RU unit (for 1080i60 input).

SoftIron's HyperCast appliance leverages this capability to bring dense storage and video processing together in a 1RU capable of a large number of transcoders, and substantial SSD-based storage.

Yasuhiro Wakimoto, VP of the Enterprise Solution Business Unit at Socionext, said, "We see SoftIron as the ideal partner to create a ground-breaking data center product with our transcoding technology. Their clean sheet server design requires lower power per video channel, and the highly optimized system architecture brings costs down to where ABR transcoding can be applied to high-volume user generated traffic. We expect to see HyperCast occupy a healthy share of data center servers." He added that the transition from H. 264 to H.265 is accelerating in 2017 and Socionext's chip technology applies equally to both codecs, enabling innovative ideas like reducing storage for video files by converting to HEVC.

Tim Massey, CEO of SoftIron, said, "Video processing and storage are at the heart of SoftIron's solutions. Our recent successes in a platform for high density storage have laid the foundation for integration of the Socionext transcoding engine into HyperCast. SoftIron is proud to be a leading innovator in high density ABR transcoding for the data center by optimizing for quality, density, and cost. We value the relationship with Socionext and are looking forward to building a portfolio of great products with their technology."

SoftIron will sample HyperCast during the fourth calendar quarter of 2017, with full production now set to begin early in 2018.

Socionext will showcase the HyperCast prototype at the company's private suite from Sep. 15 –19 at the annual IBC event at RAI, Amsterdam, and at Streaming Media West, on Nov. 2-3, held at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach, Calif., booth 207.

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