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[IBC 2017] Riversilica selects Magewell capture cards for next-generation video encoding, transcoding and delivery solutions
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2017.09.13  13:37:29
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China, India & The Netherlands - IP video processing and workflow solutions innovator RiverSilica (www.riversilica.com) Technologies has selected capture technology from Magewell (www.magewell.com) to provide reliable, high-quality video ingest in its latest generation of encoding, transcoding and delivery systems. The move to Magewell capture components is a key element of the new version 4.0 of RiverSilica’s PIXFIX™ platform, which will be unveiled at the upcoming IBC2017 exhibition in Amsterdam.


Founded in 2009, RiverSilica provides end-to-end, software-defined IP video processing and delivery solutions for broadcasters, media organizations, communications providers, corporate enterprises, educational institutions and government entities.

RiverSilica’s modular, flexible and customizable PIXFIX™ solutions enable delivery of live and on-demand content with high performance, low latency and robust reliability throughout the entire IP video lifecycle – from contribution, recording and asset management to multi-platform publication and distribution.

Integrated within RiverSilica’s turnkey appliances or available as external add-ons, the Magewell capture devices provide the input interface for bringing professional SDI, HDMI or analog video and audio signals into the PIXFIX systems. RiverSilica found Magewell’s capture solutions to offer many advantages over the different brand of input cards used in earlier RiverSilica solutions, starting with improved reliability.

“Our primary motivation for switching to Magewell is the quality and rock-solid stability of their cards, which we feel is very superior,” said Jagadish Kamath, CTO at RiverSilica Technologies. “Magewell’s extensive variety of models and interface types also gives us the flexibility to achieve many different workflows through a single software driver.”

Magewell integration will initially be available in RiverSilica’s PIXFIX Flex multi-format live encoder/transcoder, PIXFIX Xport IP video teleport solution, and PIXFIX Versa all-in-one IP video workflow solution, with further support – including 4K capture capabilities and deeper incorporation of Magewell’s advanced SDK – planned for later this year.

Magewell’s Pro Capture PCI Express cards will be included within new PIXFIX servers, while support for Magewell’s USB Capture family of external capture devices enables RiverSilica customers to easily expand or change their system’s input signal interfaces in the field, without the assistance of a support engineer.

Beyond the advantages for their customers, switching to Magewell has also proven beneficial for RiverSilica themselves as developers.

“The Magewell devices were easy for us to integrate, with a single driver for all classes of Pro Capture cards and support for the standard V4L2 Linux API,” explained Kamath. “Meanwhile, Magewell’s FPGA-based de-interlacing and scaling offload processing burden from the CPU, leaving it more available for use by our software.”

“Our goal at RiverSilica has always been to build the world’s best video processing and delivery solutions, and achieving that starts with selecting the best components,” said Jagannathan Balaji, Founder, President and CEO of RiverSilica Technologies.

“The four pillars of integrating any third-party hardware into our systems are quality, stability, cost, and ease of integration, and Magewell has excelled in all of those aspects.”

“Leading OEM developers worldwide are benefiting from the high performance, proven reliability, integration simplicity and rich functionality of Magewell’s solutions,” said James Liu, VP of Engineering at Magewell. “We are pleased to welcome RiverSilica to that valued group.”

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