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Choosing your LED grow light
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By Advanced LED Lights

Since many of our first-time buyers experience difficulty choosing the best LED grow lights for their plant’s particular needs, the company offers these tips for choosing LED grow lights.

The Qualities Of The Best LED Lights:

When shopping for LED grow lights, experts recommend looking for products that have the following qualities:

The most trusted manufacturers of the highest-rated colored LEDs include CREE, Osram, and LEDengin, which you find in American-made LED grow lights.

At Advanced LED Lights, the company ensures the LEDs in the lights we sell are from these US companies. In addition, it verifies the brand name products lines have the highest BIN codes along with the color and power inputs of the LEDs used in the grow lamp.

The Diamond Series XML 150, Diamond Series XML 350, and Diamond Series XML 650 led grow lights use the powerful new 10w CREE XML2 LEDs that provides the optimal lighting environment for cloning, vegetative, and flowering plants.

Low Heat Output

LED grow lights with low heat output provide the best value in two essential ways:

Since lights that generate little heat prevent the environment from becoming too hot, the grow space requires less cooling than spaces where high heat output LED lights are in use.

High heat output LED lights tend to fade and burnout more quickly than cooler LED lights that reduce both replacement costs and the time spent installing the new lights.

Advanced LED Lights doesn't develop LED lights that are overdriven. Instead, its team develops highly rated LED grow lights that optimize the health and beauty of your plants. All its LED lights generate less heat, less maintenance, and a longer life than other lesser quality products.

Easily Used
Since your time is valuable, the LED grows lights you choose need to be easily installed. In addition, you should be able to adjust the height of the lights quickly and simply, as well as their color and intensity.

The Diamond Series, the Diamond Series XML, the Diamond Series XTE, and the Diamond Series EX-VEG are ready to go right out of the box. All feature easy-to-use color and intensity controls for your convenience.

Established Record of Success
Advanced LED has provided the highest quality LED grow lights for the past seven years. As a result of the superior quality products and service, the company has thousands of happy customers throughout the world. The company goal is to provide lights that not only work great but also last a long time. 

How To Select The Best LED Grow Lights For Your Plants And Space

By following these simple steps, you will easily choose the LED lights to ensure a lush and healthy garden

1. Measure your garden’s length and width.

On each of our product pages, you will find the coverage areas of each size light. To determine the number of lights you need, divide your space up into these coverage areas. Core coverage is the idea space for flowering plants, so use that metric for all full cycle or flowering gardens.

Click https://advancedledlights.com/blog/grow-tips/choosing-your-led-grow-light/ for details.

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