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Visual Communications Company makes short list for 2017 Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards
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2017.10.10  07:36:22
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USA - Visual Communications Company (www.vcclite.com) has made the shortlist for the prestigious 2017 Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards.

Now in its 15th year, the Elektra Awards recognize innovation and achievement in the UK and Europe. This year, finalists from 80 companies are competing for 22 awards in categories ranging from 'Manufacturer of the Year' and 'Power System Product of the Year.'

VCC's innovative CTH Series is a finalist in the 'LED Lighting Product of the Year' category. Introduced in 2016, the CTH Series is made up of capacitive touch sensor displays designed to provide a more intuitive user experience, with high-clarity LEDs available in colors including red, yellow blue, pure green and white. The displays can also be designed with a variety of standard graphic overlays, or custom icons to best suit the application.

The CTH Series is used in applications ranging from consumer equipment, gaming devices, industrial control displays, media players, medical devices, PDAs, point-of-sale terminals, touch screen monitors and more.

"It's an honor to be among the finalists for this industry award, especially in the competitive LED lighting category. We designed the CTH Series to enhance the user experience as well as manufacturing efficiencies," said Sannah Vinding, Director of Product Development and Marketing at VCC. "With translucent icons illuminated with colored LEDs, the CTH Series display offers superior user interaction by communicating a singular action such as on/off, alarm status, and more. The integrated functionality eliminates the need for designing-in a traditional switch. Unlike traditional mechanical switches or mechanical push buttons, capacitive touch keypads have no moving parts so there is nothing to wear out."

Winners in each category are determined by a panel of judges made up of industry experts and will be announced on Wednesday, December 6 at an awards ceremony in London. 

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