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Flexenclosure expands its ESCO presence with eSite x10 hybrid power deployment for Nordic Tele Services (NTS) in Myanmar
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2017.10.10  08:07:20
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Sweden - Flexenclosure (www.flexenclosure.com) announces an order from energy service company Nordic Tele Services Ltd (NTS) for 22 eSite x10 hybrid power systems to be deployed at telecom sites in Myanmar.
The order from NTS is the latest of several Flexenclosure has won from energy service companies (ESCOs) across the globe.  The energy as a service (EaaS) business model is being increasingly adopted in the world’s developing nations and Flexenclosure is perfectly positioned to benefit from this trend with its new eSite x10 – the world’s first hybrid power system purpose-built for outdoor telecom sites and to outdoor telecom standards.
The environmentally friendly eSite x10 units have already been manufactured in Sweden, shipped to Myanmar and deployed, with all sites now commissioned and operational.  They are preconfigured to maximise the best harvesting of solar energy and Flexenclosure has also agreed an ongoing services contract with NTS.
“At NTS, we insist on using and deploying only the most advanced technology in support of our customers,” said Geir Andrew Olsen, Managing Director of NTS.  “The Flexenclosure team has been very easy to work with and their eSite x10 brings a number of impressive innovations ahead of the competition.”
The NTS sites are in remote rural areas with particularly difficult access and had to be deployed in a record time. However, with Flexenclosure having already installed hybrid power systems at well over 1,200 sites across Myanmar and eSite x10’s compact and easily transportable size, the rollout for NTS was a simple operation for Flexenclosure’s Myanmar-based team.  NTS will also be using eSite Tools’ powerful set of remote management capabilities to monitor, control and accurately report back to their network operations centre on each site power system’s performance.
“We are delighted to maintain Flexenclosure’s position as a leading innovator in Myanmar with this deployment of our next generation eSite x10,” said David King, CEO, Flexenclosure.  “Energy as a Service, EaaS, is a fast-growing market, and one that demands the highest levels of performance and reliability from hybrid power systems.  Our eSite x10 offers the lowest total cost of ownership in the most challenging operational environments and is the perfect ESCO solution.”

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