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Konrad Technologies demonstrates ADAS test solutions for 24/76-81 GHz automotive radar for validation & production leveraging National Instruments VRTS Platform
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2017.10.11  23:58:24
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Germany - The Konrad Automotive Radar Test System (ARTS) provides Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) test capabilities by combining the National Instruments Vehicle Radar Test System (VRTS) with Target Simulation Software (TSS) by Konrad Technologies.

The TSS s enables users to simulate, test and analyze complex automotive radar scenarios in a virtual environment, dramatically reducing test time and time to market for autonomous vehicles.

News Highlights:
Konrad Automotive Radar Test System (ARTS) with Konrad Target Simulation Software in conjunction with the NI VRTS

Konrad proves ability to solve radar test challenges experienced by customers in the automotive industry and beyond

ADAS IIT, a one-stop solution leveraging the expertise of four companies in the field of ADAS: sensor fusion, HIL, V2X communication, GNSS simulation and data management

Konrad to co-exhibit with NI at the European Microwave Week exhibition 2017, Nuremberg Convention Center Germany, Hall 7A, Booth 124

Konrad Technologies (www.konrad-technologies.com), the provider of value-added PXI based automated test solutions focused on improving manufacturing operations efficiency, announced the Konrad ARTS, an advanced system integration for the NI VRTS, an automotive radar test solution for the rapidly expanding autonomous vehicles industry.

A test solution providing significantly more robust and capable test architecture that simplifies and shortens radar sensor development time, production test and functional verification in a HIL test.

ARTS and VRTS Synergy

The Konrad Target Simulation Software for radar sensors is designed for short and long-range radar sensors and leverages the NI VRTS. The NI VRTS consists of mmWave front-end technology, a Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) and NI-5692 Variable Delay Generator (VDG). The system is designed to test 24GHz/76-81 GHz radar band with 1GHz of real-time bandwidth.

The Konrad ARTS is a customizable and configurable radar test system. Users can validate backend sensor algorithms and increase the realism of radar test by confronting the sensor with multiple versions of real-world scenarios.

The system can be deployed for RF measurement-based and object simulation test methodologies to meet exact production, validation or HIL test specification needs. It empowers production and validation test engineers by combining radar test measurements and custom object scenarios, including NCAP scenarios, for radar sensor functional verification, in one system.

“Konrad Technology has extended the NI VRTS to develop a complete radar test system ideal for automotive industry customers,” states Jamie Smith, Business and Technology Director at National Instruments.

“The Konrad Automotive Radar Test System greatly expands test vectors and reproducibility for both sensor suppliers and car manufacturers allowing them to understand automotive radar sensors like never before.”

Test ADAS Critical Safety Systems in the Lab

Active safety systems require millions of test-drive kilometers to meet all industry standards. Acquiring road data is extremely expensive, increasingly time-consuming and offers no guarantee that all test driving scenarios are covered.

Users can now test critical safety systems in the lab with the Konrad ARTS, a future-proof ADAS test solution. Based on this collaborative software and hardware test system, ADAS technologies and control systems can be tested in a SIL (Software-in-the-Loop), HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) or DIL (Driver-in-the-Loop) fashion.

Testing can be conducted in real-time and supports a broad range of different applications. These tests provide a high degree of consistency across the various stages of development.

Konrad Technologies draws from deep-rooted simulation expertise allowing for a time-efficient and flexible test framework. Customers can confidently proceed with ADAS testing over millions of kilometers with a wide variety of automotive radar test scenarios.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Konrad Technologies to distribute a highly differentiated approach to ADAS validation and test,” said Charles Schroeder, Vice President of RF and Wireless. “This approach, which combines the NI VRTS and customized software, enables engineers to simulate, in real-time, a wide range of radar scenarios to more thoroughly validate safety-critical ADAS technology necessary for autonomous driving.”

From vehicle design, function development, motion control, simulation and validation to production: Konrad Technologies continues to contribute extensive knowledge, customization, and innovation throughout the entire process chain of automated driving.

One Stop Automotive Test Solution with ADAS IIT

The demand for ADAS test capabilities leading to fully autonomous driving cars requires comprehensive test systems that combine the inputs of all car sensors from camera and lidar to radar.

To solve these challenges and speed innovation, NI partners Konrad Technologies GmbH, SET GmbH, S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH, measX GmbH & Co. KG formed a collaboration - ADAS IIT - Innovation in Test – leveraging their expertise in the field of ADAS, sensor fusion, HIL, V2X communication, GNSS simulation and data management to provide a one-stop solution for fully autonomous vehicle test.

The ADAS IIT group is the first to present an all-inclusive sensor fusion testing capability on a single platform. This unique NI platform based concept will help bring autonomous vehicles to the market safer and faster than expected.

“The VRTS allows us to configure the industry’s most advanced ADAS test systems to improve the safety and reliability of vehicles,” said Michael Konrad, Konrad GmbH founder and CEO and co-founder of the ADAS Innovation in Test (IIT) Consortium. “The advanced synchronization capabilities of PXI combined with the ease-of-use of LabVIEW allows us to simulate even some of the most advanced sensor fusion environments combining GNSS, Radar, Cameras, and even LiDAR.”

The ADAS IIT consortium is dedicated to providing future-proof ADAS test solutions to accelerate development programs for leading vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Konrad to Co-exhibit with NI at European Microwave Week 2017

At the European Microwave Week, Konrad Technologies will showcase the Konrad ARTS for performing RF measurements and target simulation for radar sensors. The Konrad ARTS can be extended to a HIL with sensor fusion solution including lidar, radar and camera sensors.

The virtual test drive applications perform sensor fusion testing using IPG Carmaker and NI VeriStand running on an NI HIL. This allows users to test and replay complex driving scenarios.

Visit Konrad Technologies in Nurnberg and experience true innovation in action! Booth 124 with National Instruments.

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