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[Skyworks] 5G in Perspective: A Pragmatic Guide to What’s Next
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By Skyworks (www.skyworksinc.com)

Executive Summary

Six years after the advent of Long Term Evolution (LTE), it is helpful to look back at the truly transformational effect it has had on people’s lives around the world. One can argue that the arrival of LTE has had a larger impact than any other single technology to further both developed and emerging economies, as its benefits extend to all types of end users.

With increased smartphone adoption and access to data through LTE services, the mobile industry is now the world’s largest innovation engine. Billions of new users have gained access to information through the Internet, which has driven more new economic opportunities than could have ever been imagined.

Regardless of geography, socioeconomic class, education level or ethnicity, the fruits of access are evident across the globe. Today, approximately 4.8 billion people worldwide subscribe to a mobile service – almost two-thirds of the world’s population – with that number expected to reach 5.6 billion unique subscribers by 2020.

In most parts of the world, mobile is the leading platform for Internet access, particularly when you consider the lack of alternative infrastructure in some regions. By the end of this decade, close to 60 percent of the global population will have access to mobile Internet; however, this still leaves 40 percent of the world without access.

Future growth will be fueled by extending network coverage to rural areas, improving affordability of mobile services, delivering locally relevant content and increasing digital skills and literacy.
The future is not just about connectivity, however. It is about the opportunities enabled by this connectivity (see Figure 1).

It is about connecting everyone and everything to a more efficient way of doing things. Society has an opportunity to leverage mobile networks and services to help achieve a “mobilized economy” globally.

LTE is the best global, scalable and secure communications network capable of providing individuals, communities, corporations and governments with tools to grow their own innovative platforms and initiatives.

This paper examines the current state of LTE networks and the ways it could evolve to deliver a gigabit-per-second user experience. To accomplish this, the ecosystem will need to deliver 100x data throughput improvement. As a premier provider of RF front-end solutions, Skyworks believes we have the capability to enable this evolution using tools and techniques provided in the LTE specification leading up to the release of 5G. Additionally, this paper explores the impact of new 5G services from the mobile and fixed wireless perspective...

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