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Melfas' mutual capacitance TSP
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2017.11.02  13:33:12
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글 msn

Patternizing the electrically conductive film or the electrically transparent conductive film allocates a lot of independent electrodes, With capacitance couple used, either human bodies or the films form an electrode matrix.

When the finger touches the electrode, the capacity of the human body is added to the circuit, and the pointing location of the pointing is detected by monitoring the changed capacity.

MELFAS’ (www.melfas.com) capacitive Touch Screen is made by coating Capacitive Touch Screen which goes through the heat treatment with transparent metal(ITO) of the special electrical conductivity.

The layer with the horizontal pattern and the vertical pattern is to be produced. (In case of the 2 layers)

By overlapping the two layers together, the company composes the matrix. It calculates the matrix touched and the finger recognizing it. Using a specialized pattern of MELFAS(2 layer or 1 layer), it recognizes the changed amount of the capacitor value and then extracts the coordinate value. The pattern figures are patent-registered.

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