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SunPower by Stellar Solar features solar industry expert Michael Powers
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USA - SunPower by Stellar Solar (www.stellarsolar.net) has released the third episode of their popular YouTube series Solar Cribs. It features the story of Michael and Jeanne Powers from their first solar installation in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego, to their new home that features a unique racking system custom built to optimize a less than perfect roof pitch and direction. Click here to view this episode.

Besides being a solar and electric vehicle pioneer in San Diego, Michael has long been regarded as a trusted industry resource for local and national publications seeking an industry expert for input and quotes on the ever-changing solar landscape. His TerraWatts website and eNewsletter is subscribed to by industry professionals globally; he also serves on the board of the Global Energy Network Institute (GENI).

As Michael describes in this episode and has been preaching for years, going solar should be an easy decision for most homeowners when they look at the history of utility rate increases and the ever-shortening return on investment. "I've always asked homeowners a few simple questions when they ask about going solar. The first is to do the math and see what their current utility bill will cost them over the next 20-30 years.

Then ask them add in a very conservative utility rate increase based on historic averages. When they look at the numbers they see the light and that's what gives me the most satisfaction." He added, "It's been a thrill for me to see solar take off not only in San Diego but nationally and globally. I'm proud to have played a part to educate consumers to help spur that growth."

Michael has also been a vocal supporter of Community Choice Energy, a program that allows cities and counties to buy and/or generate electricity for residents and businesses within their areas. The Climate Action Campaign in San Diego is an organization whose goal is to "Stop Climate Change – One City at a Time" is a proponent of Community Choice Energy and has worked closely with Michael over the years on that and other renewable energy related issues.

Executive Director Nicole Capretz had this to say about Michael's contribution to the solar industry. "Michael is one of the pioneers in the solar industry and has been an active supporter of our work to reach 100% clean energy, install solar on as many rooftops as possible as well as offer families energy choice with lower rates and increased options. We are honored to partner with an incredible solar and climate champion."

SunPower by Stellar Solar produces Solar Cribs in collaboration with their agency
Artichoke Creative. They offer quick, no-pressure solar quotes to home and business owners throughout Southern California. 

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