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Electrografting to initiate self-oriented growth of nanometric thin films on conductive and semi-conductive surfaces
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2017.11.06  12:26:37
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Electrografting (eG™) is a proprietary electrochemical-based process that initiates self-oriented growth of superior-quality nanometric-scale thin films on both conductive and semi-conductive surfaces.

Surface chemistry formulations and a charged electrode trigger chemical reactions between specific precursor molecules and the substrate surface, enabling molecular structures to build up and create conformal films on virtually any surface topography.

Unlike traditional electro-deposition processes, electrografting requires electrode induction only during the initial grafting step to form the chemical bond between the polymer and the surface. Subsequent chemical propagation steps using an organic precursor form the first primer-grafted layer and initiate the polymerization of the monomer in solution.

The first electro-induced step is crucial to form the chemical bond between the polymer and the surface. Polymerization leads to macromolecular chains (-[A-A-A]n-B) grafting onto the first primer-grafted layer. Direct covalent bonds form between the coatings and surfaces, creating highly adherent electrografted films with strong substrate-molecule links. 

For applications, click https://aveni.com/wet-deposition/.

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