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[productronica 2017] TE Connectivity unveils new innovations for power, data and miniaturized connectors
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2017.11.13  12:18:17
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USA - TE Connectivity (TE; www.te.com), a world leader in connectivity and sensor solutions, will showcase its latest machine tooling and product innovations for end-to-end connectivity at Productronica 2017, the world's leading trade fair for electronics development and production from November 14 to 17.


The new innovations help address engineering challenges driven by evolving global automotive trends such as powertrain electrification, data connectivity and autonomous driving, miniaturization and weight reduction.

These innovations include:

Faster and More Reliable Wire Crimping for Miniaturized Connectors
TE’s OCEAN 2.0 applicator has been newly designed for tighter tolerances and more reliable and faster setup times for small wire applications. TE also will showcase its related miniaturized automotive connector portfolio, including NanoMQS and MCON 0.50, designed to provide even greater robustness. The OCEAN 2.0 applicator and connector portfolio work seamlessly together as part of TE’s end-to-end offering.

Press-fit Application Tooling and Anti-Whisker Plating Technology
• TE’s CSP-5T connector press fit machine is a newly designed shuttle electric press for highly controlled application of compliant pin products.
• TE’s new LITESURF plating is an anti-whisker solution for press-fit pin plating. The sustainable Bismuth-based technology enhances TE’s press-fit pin technology. It is designed to address the intrinsic risk of whisker growth associated with traditional tin-based solutions that can lead electronic components to short-circuit.

New Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Capabilities for End-to-End Automotive Data Connectivity

TE will showcase its newly expanded data connectivity portfolio including antenna-based V2X capabilities from the recent Hirschmann Car Communication acquisition. These new capabilities complement TE’s existing connector portfolio to offer speed, flexibility and robustness needed for high-speed data connectivity both within and outside the vehicle.

“We are helping automotive manufacturers meet the new data connectivity and power distribution challenges of today and beyond, as the automotive industry embraces powertrain electrification and moves to fully autonomous driving,” said Elizabeth Schroeder, general manager for Application Tooling.

“The products and tooling are co-developed to ensure optimal quality and to minimize total applied cost. The investment in new products, tooling technologies as well as an expanded portfolio are key for providing our customers the quality solutions they have come to expect. TE Connectivity’s Application Tooling business is positioned to serve our customers around the world with one of the highest service levels available in the industry.” 

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