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How to Achieve Guaranteed In-Vehicle Connectivity And Ensure Success for Mission-Critical Applications
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2017.11.21  18:09:27
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When personnel are in the field, dealing with both urgent and hazardous situations, data is an essential component of the job.

Today’s police officers, paramedics, firefighters, utility workers, transit operators, and other mobile workers rely on advanced applications, such as automatic vehicle location (AVL), computer aided dispatch (CAD), route and schedule management, traffic signal prioritization, and fare payment systems that increase productivity and improve safety.

The main point of access for these applications is often from the vehicle, because it’s equipped with onboard wireless connectivity and transmits and receives data on a nearly continual basis.

In-vehicle connectivity has become commonplace, with first responders and field personnel driving cars, vans, and trucks equipped with a network connection that provides convenient access to voice, text, and video data. If the vehicle has only one onboard connection though, the setup involves a certain amount of risk.

Any issues with network coverage, bandwidth, or usage can mean delayed communications or, worse yet, no communications at all. Losing the onboard connection can have grave consequences, and can even mean the difference between life and death.

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