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transcosmos joins the open-source blockchain community, “Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
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Japan - transcosmos America Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of transcosmos inc. (www.transcosmos.com) joined the “Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)”, a community of industry experts which promotes the adoption of Ethereum blockchain to enterprises and organizations, as of November 20, 2017.

Blockchain technology is already widely used for cryptocurrency and financial services. transcosmos decided to join the EEA looking into the future where the technology is used in non-financial corporations and organizations.

With a view to adopting the technology into transcosmos’s business areas including digital marketing, e-commerce, contact centers, within the BPO sector including supply chain operations, and public-works, transcosmos will aggressively participate in the EEA’s various working groups and drive initiatives to conduct a proof-of-concept.

■ The environment surrounding blockchain technology

Blockchain is a technology based on distributed ledger technology and is already in use for new payment systems and cryptocurrency. The scope of its usage is expected to grow into diverse enterprise services.

Especially so called smart contracts run by Ethereum blockchain platform enable users to execute various transactions automatically, without control of any government or company, which means the Ethereum smart contracts realize highly reliable, truly decentralized services and PtoP (Peer to Peer) services outside the control of any central body.

The internet came into existence at the end of 20th century. For the past 10 years, majority of the services were cloud-based, controlled by central bodies. Now, decentralized services without any control body show huge potential for gaining power.

PtoP services, the ultimate model of the decentralized services, have become more of a reality and it is highly likely that various personal asset transactions will take place on the blockchain in the near future. In other words, with the blockchain technology, not only information but also a variety of enterprise and personal assets including knowledge, skills and resources can be exchanged automatically via the internet, outside the control of any central body, without sacrificing security.

This will bring a broad spectrum of revolutionary services, yet, in order to make it come true, it is essential to improve the performance of the blockchain and strengthen operations management. The “Enterprise Ethereum Alliance” was formed to addresses these challenges.

■ Aims of transcosmos joining the EEA

transcosmos has been and is an early adopter of the latest technologies and is always ready to offer cutting-edge services and solutions to clients. transcosmos supports clients’ digital transformation by becoming an early adopter of blockchain technology, on top of taking initiatives for the rapidly growing AI/Machine learning area.

Having transcosmos America Inc., which is located in the advanced market of enterprise blockchain services, join the “Enterprise Ethereum Alliance”, transcosmos will share and analyze best practices and challenges from the latest case studies to drive clients to adopt blockchain technology whilst conducting proof-of-concepts.

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